‘Good Trouble’ EP Reveals Season 4 Plans: Is Callie…


Season 3 of ‘Good Trouble’ concluded on a number of cliffhangers, but the last moments had fans wondering if Callie will be departing the show. From the show’s EP, HL obtained the EXCLUSIVE scoop on season 4.

When Season 4 of Good Trouble premieres, expect a lot of changes. Yes, Freeform has renewed the show for a fourth season. Fans had a lot of questions after the season 3 finale, which was a game changer.

By the end of the episode, Callie is seriously rethinking her job choices since her relationship with Gael ended. Mariana thinks she has the upper hand over Revitalize Beauty, but is Evan on her side? EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife, executive producer Joanna Johnson discussed her intentions for Season 4 and what happened in the finale.

Good Trouble Ep Reveals Season 4 Plans Is Callie Hellip
Maia Mitchell as Callie. 

The episode’s conclusion leaves a lot of questions unanswered about Callie’s future. What does her future hold in store for her? She seemed to be at a fork in the path of her life.
Johnson, Joanna: She’s at a fork in the road, and she’s taking a hard look at her life and all the ways she’s gotten off track. If you go back to the beginning, it’s sort of amusing because she was going to work for a liberal judge in San Francisco, but she ended up accepting the job with Wilson and moving to LA since Jude was at UCLA.

He wasn’t doing well and required his assistance. Then Mariana said, ‘Well, if you’re going to LA, I’m going to LA,’ and she meant it. So Callie has a history of getting sidetracked from what she actually wants to do. She aspired to work for the American Civil Liberties Union. She aspired to make a difference in the world, but now she’s a defense attorney, so she’s taking stock of her life and her future.

Is Callie going to stay in LA or is she on her way out?
Johnson, Joanna: We’ll just have to wait and see. There’s a reason it’s called a cliff.

Isn’t Maia Mitchell coming back?
Yes, we’ll see Maia Mitchell, Joanna Johnson says.

Mariana has opted to work for Revitalize Beauty as a double agent while continuing to work at Byte Beauty. Evan may be collaborating with Jackie, we discovered. Is he attempting to sabotage Mariana, or is there something else going on that we aren’t aware of?
Johnson, Joanna: That is the true mystique of it all. The sight of Jackie with Evan was the furthest thing from our minds. After they broke up, we haven’t seen Evan in a while. I believe the real question is if he is working with Jackie in any capacity. Is he seeking vengeance on Mariana?

There are so many things that it could be. We want the audience to really be guessing. Like, what is Evan up to? And also on Mariana’s side, is Mariana going to agree to see him? She’s told the Byte Club girls that she broke up with him and that she’s not going to go behind their backs anymore, so this kind of has two different cliffhangers to it.

Good Trouble Ep Reveals Season 4 Plans Is Callie Hellip

Cierra Ramirez stars as Mariana. (Freeform)

Isaac has reappeared in Malika’s life. What can you say about the implications of his comeback in her life?
Johnson, Joanna: That is the true question. I mean, you already know who he is. What was the reason for his return? He returned late at night. He didn’t send the text initially. He appeared out of nowhere. Something has to be the case. It gives the impression that it’s for a romantic cause. People don’t normally turn up late at night without first texting or calling unless they’re emotionally motivated, but that might not be the case. What is Malika’s plan? I believe she’s taken Dyonte very seriously.

Their chemistry is fantastic. I adore their friendship. She’s going to see Angelica. She’s experimenting with her sexuality. People should remember what she said Isaac: ‘Look, if you can’t handle this, let’s go back to being monogamous.’ I don’t want to lose you, so let’s get back to being together as we were. ‘I adore you.’ He then walked out of town. He got out of the country.

He didn’t stay with her for very long. I know some people believe this is all Malika’s fault and that she could never have done such a thing to Isaac… But I believe Malika was simply being honest about her feelings. She was open with him about her desire to learn more about polyamory and other types of partnerships. ‘You’re my top priority,’ she added. ‘I’m going to pick you first.’

From his perspective, he felt hurt, which is quite understandable. He coped with it by abandoning her and simply leaving. So she goes about her business, and now he’s back. Is she going to toss Dyonte and Angelica aside, although she adores him? It’s the ideal situation for Malika to be in, but we don’t know if that’s the real reason he returned.

Gael and Callie had to make the painful decision to end their relationship. He’s concentrating on Isabella and the baby. In a relationship, he felt he couldn’t give Callie the attention she needed. Do you intend to retain Isabella and Gael as friends who happen to have a baby together, or could this develop into anything more in the future?
Johnson, Joanna: I believe there will always be the pressure that it would be easier if we were just together. That would be fantastic for Gael’s family. It would make things simpler, but you can’t force yourself to love someone just because they’re expecting a child.

You can’t make things happen, but I believe they have a fantastic connection together. Isabella appears to be in better health than the last time we saw her, but anything can happen. She has that deceptive, a little off-kilter aspect to her that we’ve seen previously. Is it possible that she’s just been on her best behavior? You’ve got that tense feel about it, which I enjoy. Anything is conceivable. I believe they have chemistry, but is it intended to be romantic or not? I’m not sure. We’ll have to wait and see.

The love triangle between Dennis, Davis, and Matt must be discussed. What do you have to say regarding the triangle’s future?
Johnson, Joanna: So, I’m hoping that the audience has a soft spot for Matt, because I think he’s wonderful. He’s a fantastic, dependable choice for Davia. With him, she feels secure. And the trouble with it is that, despite Dennis’ best efforts… Dennis texting Matt to say, “Check-in on Davia,” I thought was a very selfless gesture.

It shows that he is genuinely attempting to change and put Davia ahead of himself. But he left, and Daviaa was devastated. So, does she have complete faith in him? Dennis too has a lot of mending to do, but I think he’s made a lot of progress, and I’m enjoying seeing the character come back to life. I believe that’s quite adorable and lovely to watch. Is it, however, sufficient? It could go either way, in my opinion. I believe she could go with either option. I feel she made the right decision in either case.

Alice has made significant choices in her personal and professional life. What does her future hold for her in Season 4?
Johnson, Joanna: Alice has come a long way since we first saw her in the pilot. Alice’s journey has always been about finding her voice and standing up for herself as effortlessly as she does for others. I believe she has matured significantly, yet old habits die hard. For Alice, asserting herself will be a never-ending battle. She’s still very green now that they’ve won the diversity program by seizing control and putting on their own performance.

She must decide on a professional path and the type of comic she wants to be. Being a stand-up comedian is a difficult path to take. It isn’t simple. When you look back at these people’s careers and how they rose through the ranks, I think it’s amazing. The Lunar New Year episode, I believe, also introduced a new facet of Alice. Not only that, but who is she? But who is she as an Asian performer and as an Asian person? So I believe that will be her storyline in the future. She also still has feelings for Sumi. Sumi has grown up a lot, and they make a cute couple. But can she risk going back to Sumi and taking a step backward? That, I believe, is the most difficult aspect for her.

It’s obvious that Callie and Jamie have feelings for each other. Is it possible to get back together in the future?
Johnson, Joanna: It is always conceivable. There’s something unmistakable about the energy between Jamie and Callie, as well as between Beau and Maia. I adore the two of them together. I adore their chemistry. Now that she’s no longer with Gael, the question is whether she ever truly overcame Jamie. Is it true that she and Jamie have both learned something?

I believe Callie has realized that in the legal profession, you have to get your hands filthy. I believe Jamie has realized that he does not approve of certain unethical practices in the DA’s office, so perhaps they are better understanding each other’s perspectives on the issues they split up over in season 2.

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