Glint Pay, London fintech firm, picks Boulder as U.S. headquarters

If entrepreneur Jason Cozens has his methodology, the United States will return to the gold commonplace, one consumer downloading one cell software program and transacting on one debit card at a time.

Glint Pay Inc., the company Cozens primarily based, launched a gold-backed debit card inside the U.S. on Monday. Based in London, the company has made Boulder its U.S. base of operations.

“We want gold to be considered like any other currency,” talked about Cozens. “We want to give a reliable currency to the world.”

Glint Pay rolled out its debit card early remaining yr in Europe and has had better than 50,000 downloads of its cell software program and better than $50 million in transactions. The agency launched a U.S. debit card Monday, with Boulder serving at its U.S. base of operations.

Users can acquire the Glint software program on their cell devices and shortly register. Money is wired from a gift checking account to purchase bodily gold held in a vault in Switzerland. The change is made on the spot gold value, a lot much less a 0.5 % transaction cost.

Registered prospects are equipped with a Glint Debit Mastercard, pursuant to a license from Mastercard USA. Glint is an agent of Sutton Bank, and the accounts are regulated under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. A purchaser retains possession of his or her gold until it is spent, and the vault holdings are audited every day.

Why endure the difficulty? For starters, Cozens talked about the U.S. dollar has misplaced 86 % of its purchasing for power after the nation went off the ultimate vestiges of the gold commonplace.

Back in 1970, a cheeseburger would have worth 55 cents, nevertheless remaining yr it was as a lot as $3.47. A gram of gold would have purchased two cheeseburgers once more then. Today, it may probably purchase 12 cheeseburgers, he talked about.

One of the knocks in opposition to gold is that it is not that helpful. It may retailer value, nonetheless, it isn’t easy to spend. McDonald’s and Wendy’s aren’t going to only settle for a gram of gold in return for 12 cheeseburgers.

Glint will get around that by allowing people to draw on the gold reserves to make purchases via a debit card, which might be utilized throughout the globe. The know-how permits prospects to efficiently buy meals at consuming locations or information a room for the evening time using grams of gold, one factor that was executed inside Colorado’s earliest days.

When the gold runs out, the debit card stops working, an identical to it can if a checking account will get overdrawn.

But many early adopters are using Glint as a technique to earn the subsequent return on their monetary financial savings. As worldwide areas proceed to pile on debt, the United States included, they menace devaluing their currencies. Gold’s relative value would improve in that state of affairs.

And if debt ranges get too extreme and the worldwide financial system crashes, gold can current a hedge. As prolonged as the online and the charging system are working, prospects should be successful to entry their funds. And if that isn’t the case, prospects can declare their bodily gold, Cozens talked about.

Cozens talked about the thought for Glint acquired right here to him after watching banks such as Lehman and Northern Rock collapsed in the midst of the 2008 financial catastrophe. He began to question all the idea of money.

“Banks aren’t necessarily a secure place for your money. They lend out more than they have,” he talked about.

Thomas Frey, a futurist based in Westminster, talked about some corporations have tried to create currencies backed with laborious property, along with one occasion he’s conscious of about based on diamonds. His wager, nonetheless, is on cryptocurrencies, which he expects will rework the financial system.

They have been unstable and aren’t extensively accepted in commerce, however. But huge corporations from J.P. Morgan to Facebook are approaching the board and a few enormous money is being invested in setting up an infrastructure.

“Gold is complicated,” he talked about.

Cozens counters that Glint, like cryptocurrencies, has sprung out of the distrust of the current monetary system. Bitcoin’s builders mimicked the supply of gold to limit that overseas cash offers they normally reference phrases like mining. Why not go for the distinctive?

“Glint is an alternative to the banking payment system and we think it is a more reliable one than crypto,” he talked about.

Glint is starting out small in Boulder, with six people. But the headcount should develop as it expands so as to add capabilities. That accommodates the ability to ship grams of gold as gadgets to people and rising the worldwide overseas cash wallets that the U.S. platform can cope with, Cozens talked about.

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