Foogiano’s Attorney Confirms That The Rapper Has Been Sentenced…

Reports started circulating online early Monday about Foogiano’s standing within the justice system. As we beforehand reported, the rapper was arrested in Memphis again in March for violating his probation.

Foogiano, whose actual identity is Kwame Khalil Brown, allegedly tampered together with his court-ordered ankle monitor by eradicating it and happening the run for a number of months.

The sentencing buzz began when Labor Sanders, generally known as Boomman, posted a tweet relating to Foogiano’s standing within the justice system.
Boorman is the CEO of Authentic Empire Music Group, which is the file label Fuggiano is signed with. In the tweet, Boomman wrote that Green County gave Foogiano “5 years for cutting an ankle monitor for a gun charge that wasn’t his.” The Shade Room confirmed with Boomman that he was current within the courtroom through the sentencing.

In addition, TSR spoke to Foogiano’s leisure legal professional Bernie Lawrence-Watkins who additionally confirmed that Foogiano was sentenced to 5 years in jail right this moment. He is being held in custody with no bail right now.

“[Foogiano] hasn’t provided any statements so I can’t provide any statements at this time. The only thing I can tell you is we plan on appealing it,” Bernie mentioned.

Bernie additionally shared that there’s a second legal professional on Foogiano’s crew named Brandon Lewis, however, that they need to save one other.

“This is a matter that has to be appealed,” Bernie mentioned. “In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, we’ll have to get an appellate attorney on the case.”

On Monday, Foogiano’s girlfriend and rapper Renni Rucci shared a number of photographs and movies of them along with a message of help.

“You know what it is with me!” Renni wrote in her Instagram caption. “I got us. #freefoo these videos made me smile because the night he made this song about me I was in the next room making one about him. We were like two Lil kids in love for the first time and it’s still that way…”

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