Florida School Security PUNCHES 11 Yr Old; Live-streamed…


A Florida school security official has been captured, after video seems to show him punching a youngster, who the security man feels is being “ill bred,” MTO News has learned.

Antwan Ruffin, 40, low maintenance security screen at Horace Mann Middle School in Miami, Florida was captured Thursday morning on charges of youngster maltreatment without extraordinary substantial mischief and battery, school authorities affirmed to MTO News.

The episode was caught on record, and Live-gushed across Instagram. Here is the video:

Antwan can be heard on the recordings saying, “Attempt me. Allow me to disclose to you something. This passage, I run. At the point when that chime ring, you in my lobby,” He then, at that point pushes the 11-year-old understudy.

“Yo,” the understudy says in the wake of being pushed. The understudy is then seen waving his hand before his face, inferring that Antwan’s was breathing excessively near him or had horrendous terrible breath.

The goliath security official didn’t care for that joke, and did the unbelievable, MTO News noticed.

“Yo, what?” Ruffin reacted.

Then, at that point struck the kid in the chest before the understudy reveals to him he’s going to the workplace.

“Go,” Ruffin says. “I’ll walk you to the workplace.”

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