Erika Jayne Discusses Tom’s Alleged Infidelities and Reveals If She Was…


Erika Jayne Discusses Tom’s Alleged Infidelities and Reveals If She Was Unfaithful To Him

Erika Jayne believes her separated husband, Tom Girardi, is guilty of ripping off his clients, according to Part 2 of the ‘RHOBH’ reunion.

During Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion on Oct. 20, Erika Jayne was forced to face a slew of questions about her marriage to Tom Girardi. And it all started when Andy Cohen asked Erika why she didn’t leave her husband as soon as she found out he was cheating on her, as she alleged earlier this season.

Erika added, “The cheating was a part of it, but there’s so much more there.” “If you’re in love with someone else, divorce me,” I told Tom. He remained silent. Don’t make me a bad guy if you’re in love with someone else.”

Erika claimed Tom had been unfaithful to her for “years,” but when questioned if she had been unfaithful to Tom before filing for divorce, Erika responded no. When questioned why she didn’t leave Tom sooner, she claimed it was because he had entire control over her income.

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“I gave my spouse every penny I earned.” Erika continued, “I’ve turned over every paycheck I’ve ever made,” before revealing that she didn’t stay with Tom for financial or security reasons. She instead stated that she has “no access.” “You’re characterizing it for the money,” she informed Andy. I told you I couldn’t leave because I didn’t have enough money.”

“When I went in, I was 27 and he was 60. “The power dynamic is completely out of whack,” she continued. “I had faith in this man. My entire financial situation was kept at the firm, and everything was kept there.”

Andy, on the other hand, informed Erika that she is entitled to half of Tom’s assets and that she could have left the relationship sooner, before he accumulated any debt. “I felt like he was sinking, not necessarily the ship,” she responded when he questioned if she realized there was liability when she left Tom. There was no way I could talk to this individual, no way I could get him to answer my inquiries without being entirely shut out. Anger, a shift in personality. And now, as you can see, the man is living in a house. He’s currently residing at a memory-care center. Since I left in November, we’ve seen how untidy he’s become and how bad he’s become. So it’s true what I’ve been saying.”

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Erika went on to say that during their marriage, Tom had at least three mistresses, and she confronted Tom about two of them. On the day she left him, she found out about the third. “I searched through his phone and found a picture of her t**s that she had sent.” “I responded, ‘Nice t**s stupid bitch,’ because he had a flip phone,” she explained. Erika believes Tom loved her “until he changed,” despite his alleged adultery.

“I believe what everyone is fixated on is whether or not he ripped off all these people,” Andy continued, referring to Tom’s alleged theft from cancer patients, a burn survivor, and aircraft accident victims’ families.

“I really, really hope it isn’t true,” Erika responded, “because that isn’t the man I married.” It does not appear to be a positive situation. But we still need to figure out what’s going on.”

She expressed her displeasure with her name being linked to the charges, saying, “I feel horrible.” “This isn’t my personality. And I sincerely hope that this is not who he is. I’m hoping he hasn’t done what’s being accused of here. Tom Girardi is responsible for everything he did or did not do. But I’m sure a lot of his decision-making is now pointing in this direction. His life has come to an end. He’s in his eighties, he lives in a memory-care facility, and his career is ended. I recently celebrated my 50th birthday. I cannot allow all of this to destroy me and lead me to a point from which I will never be able to recover. “I have to make it through this.”

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