Enrique Iglesias’ Partner Anna Kournikova Shares Rare Video Of Their…


Anna Kournikova released a wonderful video of her three children, Lucy, Nicholas, and Mary, driving around in a little Land Rover while listening to their father Enrique Iglesias’ new album.

Taking a ride in style! Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias’ longtime partner, shared a heartwarming video of their three children riding in a little Land Rover while listening to their father’s new album Final, which was released on September 17. On Monday, the former tennis player, 40, posted an Instagram video of Lucy, 3, Nicholas, 3, and Mary, 1, laughing in their toy car.

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Nicholas drives his sisters around a tennis court in a photo tagged with the hashtags “chasing the sun” (the song’s title) and “Final album.” Lucy, the eldest daughter, gave a final “goodbye!” to the camera as she and her siblings listened to their famous father’s musical stylings.

Enrique, 46, also released a video of his youngest daughter Mary dancing enthusiastically to his new album while listening to it on Spotify on her iPad last week. He captioned, “FINAL (Vol.1) is released!!!!!!” “Thank you to all of my fans for your support.”

Last year, the musician and his girlfriend welcomed their third kid, Mary. Enrique revealed in a March interview with PEOPLE that his older twins like being elder siblings to their younger sister. He stated, “They truly adore it.” “Because there was a two-year gap, I was a little concerned. ‘How are they going to react?’ I wondered. My house is also a zoo because I have two dogs. ‘Oh, how is everyone going to react?’ I thought when we first got home with Masha.

The children of the Spanish pop artist are definitely enormous fans of his music. Final’s record will be his final full-length project, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s finished composing music. In an interview with Rolling Stone released on Monday, Enrique discussed his final album. “’Are you sure this is the proper decision?’ I’ve been asked a few times. However, this is how I felt in 2017 and how I feel now. He explained, “I meant to release this album in 2017, but I just keep putting out singles.”

He continued, “I was touring a lot and didn’t have time to go to the studio, and the last year, I’ve had a lot of time to go to the studio and just work there by myself and to work with Carlos [Paucar] a lot and just go back and forth and finish up what I’ve needed to finish up for the last three years.” “I believe it is the proper course of action. It doesn’t mean I’ll quit writing music; it just means I’ll try something new. An album, in my opinion, is a book, and each song is a chapter. But, on the other hand, a song might be a part of that as well. Hopefully, I’ll be able to release additional chapters in the future.”

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