Elizabeth Mitchell Reveals Why ‘Witch Hunt’ Role Is A ‘Gift’…


Elizabeth Mitchell, who appears in the new film ‘Witch Hunt,’ chatted with HL EXCLUSIVELY about portraying a ‘silent’ hero and what she thinks of those crazy ‘Outer Banks’ rumors about Carla!

Elizabeth Mitchell has a lot on her plate these days. She is now appearing in the film Witch Hunt, which is now available on Digital and On Demand, after the release of Outer Banks season 2. In our EXCLUSIVE conversation, Elizabeth discussed why she was captivated to the film.

“I had the opportunity to work with Elle [Callahan] and Gideon [Adlon].” Elizabeth told HollywoodLife, “I was really looking forward to working with both of them.” “They’re a fearless, self-sufficient filmmaker and actor. I’ve also read the scripts, and they’re fantastic. I really like the character. I consider it a gift to be able to play as a hero.

It’s part of the entire issue where we want to be the good guy all the time. I was drawn to Martha because I am fascinated by quiet, real heroes. I love it when I get to play them, especially the quiet ones that don’t want anything in return. It’s like a mother’s affection. They certainly interest me. So there were the several factors that led me to this idea. The prospect of collaborating with so many women was exciting.”

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Elizabeth Mitchell in the movie ‘Witch Hunt.’

Martha, her character, manages a witches’ safe home and must pretend to be someone she isn’t. “She has to put on a brave front and seem to accept the world as it is.” And it’s obviously broken, so she’s forced to walk the line between the two. In order to keep her family and the women she guards safe, she must be a believable part of her society. As a result, there are a lot of headwear. She is clearly a dedicated mother.”

According to Elizabeth, though, the film is also “very disturbing.” “At the end, we learn why she’s so certain of what she’s doing and why she’s so committed to it. She went on to say, “It’s painful and fascinating and all those good things.”

Elizabeth was also attracted to the job because of the film’s resemblance to reality. “What truly interested me as a woman in our world today is women and women’s power, and what happens when women have power, and who is terrified of it,” Elizabeth remarked. “How is that regulated?” What happened to our right to be free? That was something that piqued my interest, and that was one of the reasons I thought it drew some interesting connections. But I believe there is something for everyone to take away from this.”

Outer Banks became one of the most popular Netflix series this summer. Elizabeth made her big screen debut as Carla Limbrey in season 2, and fans have a lot of theories about her. Carla could be linked to John B, according to one idea. Another possibility is that John B’s bandana is the shroud Carla is looking for. The bandana-shroud notion drew Elizabeth’s attention.

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Elizabeth Mitchell as Carla Limbrey on ‘Outer Banks.’

“Wouldn’t that be really incredible?” It would be reasonable. I have to admit that the Pogues have a unique way of walking through life. “Perhaps they’ve been carrying the shroud about all along,” Elizabeth speculated.

Outer Banks has yet to be renewed for a third season, but Elizabeth is already excited to return. “I had so much fun playing with everyone,” she exclaimed. “I’d love to do it all over again.” I mean, there’s something appealing about joining an established show where everyone has already contributed to its success because it means you get to walk in and perform. I’d be delighted to join them at any time.”

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