St. Louis mayor weighs concocting an emergency to gain…

Jones and Page wearing masks.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones appears to have an issue understanding how democracy works, particularly the half the place government authority is held in verify by the legislature.
Democracy is okay for Jones when the consequence goes in her favor, however, when it doesn’t, she appears all too comfy making an attempt at dictatorial techniques to get her manner.
It’s a step too far for Jones to declare, as she did Monday, that she is “evaluating” the imposition of emergency powers to grab spending authority over federal pandemic funds.

Practically $500 million in federal support is heading to St. Louis, however, the authority to apply that funding rests with the Board of Aldermen, which is at loggerheads with Jones over how the cash ought to be spent.

Jones is especially insisting on stopping a provision in a $168 million aldermanic spending bundle that might commit $33 million to spice up commerce in north St. Louis. That provision was added by aldermanic President Lewis Reed, the arch-rival of Jones. The 2 are actually locked in a political battle of wills during which the purpose of bringing much-needed pandemic aid to St. Louisans has taken an again seat.

With negotiations at a deadlock, Jones final week issued a decree authorizing the emergency Wellbeing Division spending authority to fight the consequences of the pandemic. On Monday, she and St. Louis County Govt Sam Web page collectively reimposed indoor masks necessities in public locations.

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