Dua Lipa Wears Colorful Butterfly Crop Top On Italian Vacation…


Dua Lipa has been spotted wearing a number of stunning summer outfits, including a rainbow crop top shaped like a butterfly.

In Italy, Dua Lipa, 26, is having the time of her life! Even though the weather is cooling down, the “Love Again” singer is still enjoying the last days of summer in Europe.

She titled her September 28 photo dump, which included a slideshow of photos, “ALLORAAAA.” She wore an asymmetrical butterfly crop top with dark grey trousers and a choker necklace in the first pictures.

Gigi Hadid remarked on the post, “The thing I miss the most about Italy is just able to say stuff like “ALLORA” at any time and for no reason.” Dua is dating her younger brother, Anwar Hadid, 22, as fans are aware. She was also seen sporting a sheer little dress and a matching patterned two-piece in other photos.

She also attached a photograph of two tea cups with a butterfly motif on them. She’s definitely following the theme! The announcement comes just a few weeks after she spent a “wonderful night” with Elton John, 74.

In a September 11 Instagram post, the Grammy winners wrapped their arms around each other, Dua wearing a little black crop top underneath a long-sleeved, translucent top. Her raven locks were slicked up into a high ponytail, and she wore a pair of high waisted black slacks and pointy toe heels.

Dua Lipa Wears Colorful Butterfly Crop Top On Italian Vacation Hellip

Dua Lipa.

Meanwhile, the “Tiny Dancer” singer wore a pastel green suit with flower embroidery that was bright and cheery. He also wore orange-tinted glasses and a patterned orange button-down with black and white shoes. The “Love Again” singer captioned her Instagram image with “a great night” and a balloon emoji. “The perfect guest,” Elton commented in the comments section.

Dua also recently, and rather unexpectedly, inaugurated Versace’s Milan show, marking the pop star’s first appearance in a Versace show. With a bright red hai and a Barbie pink sequin suit, the “Levitating” singer looked quite different. Donatella Versace recently spoke about her first meeting with Dua.

“I met Dua for the first time in London a few years ago. When I heard the quality of her voice, I realized she was a stunning young lady. In a statement released in June, she stated, “I quickly understood she had something unique and wonderful.” “Since then, I’ve watched her career take off and been a part of many incredible experiences with her. Right now, I can’t think of a greater woman to encapsulate Versace’s and this collection’s spirit.”

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