Drake’s Album Certified Lover Boy Decoded: Mocking…


Drake’s fans are divided by the rapper’s new album, which appears to confirm that he is not backing down from his long-standing spat with Kanye West.

Drake, 34, released his long-awaited album Certified Lover Boy on Friday, Sept. 3, little than a week after Kanye West’s latest album, Donda.

Here are a few thoughts on Drake’s new album:

Kanye West is mocked:

Drake’s new song “7am On Bridle Path,” whose title appears to refer to Toronto’s posh Bridle Path neighborhood, where Drake has owned a home, appears to make the apparent reference.

“You know the fourth level of jealousy is called media / Isn’t that an ironic revelation?” Drake sang.
“This me achieving the deepest state of my meditation / Why you over there attempting to dazzle the nation?” he continued on the track.

“Drake urging Ye to come to the crib since he revealed the address on 7am On Bridle Path still got me screaming,” one fan tweeted.”

“Drake had to perform this 7AM song like yesterday or some s—t [tears of joy emojis] at him talking about Ye releasing his address,” another user remarked.

“Crying at Kanye thinking he did something by exposing Drake’s address but Drake has a whole song named after his street,” another fan tweeted.

Kanye has yet to respond to the apparent reference in public. Kanye’s address was revealed in a screenshot posted by TMZ of a since-deleted Instagram post that appeared to show Drake’s home on a maps app. (The validity of TMZ’s screenshots has not been independently verified by E! News.)

This comes after Drake’s fans were sure that the “Hotline Bling” singer responded to Kanye on Aug. 23 when he posted a video to his Instagram Story showing himself driving and cracking up, despite the fact that Drake didn’t mention Kanye by name.

On Aug. 20, when Drake appeared to allude to Kanye West, 44, as “burned out” on Trippie Redd’s song “Betrayal,” speculation over a rekindled dispute erupted. “All these fools I’m beefin’ that I barely know / Forty-five, forty-four (Burned out), let it go / Ye ain’t changin’ s—t for me, it’s set in stone,” Drake said in one of his bars.

At the time, E! News attempted to contact Drake’s staff but received no response.

Despite collaborating on the 2010 song “Find Your Love,” the two stars have had a number of conflicts since then. One of the most notable was Drake’s accusation that Kanye told Pusha T about his newborn son, which Pusha rejected in 2018. Kanye was irritated in the same year when Drake began following his then-wife Kim Kardashian on Instagram.

Ayesha Curry, Ayesha Curry, Ayesha Curry, Ayesha Curry, Ayesha Curry, Ayes

“How I’m supposed to wife it? / You not Ayesha enough,” Drake raps on his hit “Race My Mind.”

His Little Boy Gets a Shout-Out:

“I been heated since the birth of my son,” Drake raps on “Champagne Poetry.” Adonis, the rapper’s 3-year-old son, is his father.

“My son is the one thing I hate to be separated from,” the rapper sings in his song “The Remorse.”

Sha’Carri Richardson is a character in the film Sha’Carri Richardson.

On “No Friends in the Industry,” Drake raps, “And I’m like Sha’Carri, smoke ’em on and off the track (Aye).”

Sha’Carri Richardson, a U.S. sprinter, was disqualified from being selected to the U.S. 4×100-meter relay team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for marijuana in July.

“Dislocated Shoulder” Incident:

“Dislocated shoulder, it’s hard to be reaching back all the time,” Drake raps on “The Remorse.”

During a night of partying in Miami in 2014, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Drake had an altercation. “Diddy approaches Drake’s vehicle and requests that he roll down the window. It’s rolled down by Drake.

They begin to converse, and Drake exits the vehicle, continuing to converse “at the moment, a source told E! News According to the informant, Diddy then slapped Drake, which prompted security to come to the scene before Diddy retreated to the club. There have been no arrests.

DJ Sam Sneak tweeted after the incident, “Diddy put his hands on the kid… And he’s not going from 0 to 100… That young man had left.” He continued, “Smh, Drake is in the hospital. His shoulder was dislocated… You should all pray for Drake.”

When asked about the incident months later on the Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club radio show, Diddy revealed that despite the two rappers had a disagreement over Drake’s song, they were “just friends.” “”I didn’t put my hands on Drake, and I don’t want any issues with Drake… That’s all I have to say on the subject. He’s putting in his time and effort. Drake had nothing to do with me. Drake is a close buddy of mine.”

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