Dr. Hamilton: What We Know About The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Character…


In season 18, Grey Sloan will welcome a new doctor. Dr. David Hamilton, played by Peter Gallagher, has joined the cast and will have a lot of interaction with Meredith.

New doctors are always arriving at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but there is a lot of buzz surrounding Dr. David Hamilton. Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy will feature O.C. vet Peter Gallagher in a big recurring role.

Dr. Hamilton will make his first appearance in the eighteenth season, which begins on September 30. Everything we know about this new character so far has been compiled by HollywoodLife.

Dr Hamilton What We Know About The Grey S Anatomy Character Hellip

Peter Gallagher is a new cast member of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 18.

Dr. Hamilton Knows Meredith’s Mom

Meredith is linked to Dr. Hamilton through her late mother, Ellis Grey. Meredith will have a “surprising chance” when she encounters a charismatic doctor from her mother’s past, according to the official synopsis for the season 18 opener. Dr. Hamilton is the “dynamic doctor” in question!

According to TV Insider, Meredith is invited to the launch of a research library dedicated to her mother by David Hamilton, a Minnesota neurosurgeon. Dr. Hamilton knew Ellis “slightly in the past,” Peter told the newspaper. “Aside from that coincidence, he sees Meredith as a superior surgeon in her profession, and that intrigues him,” he continued.

It’s unknown how Dr. Hamilton and Ellis met in the past, or whether the show would go into that detail. “His character may hold the key to how Kate Burton’s Ellis Grey will be reintroduced on the show,” Deadline said when Peter’s hiring was confirmed.

Dr Hamilton What We Know About The Grey S Anatomy Character Hellip

Meredith with her mother, Ellis Grey.

Is Dr. Hamilton Good Or Bad? 

Some of Meredith’s coworkers, Peter taunted, “believe he’s up to something.” Peter, on the other hand, feels Dr. Hamilton is a kind guy. He told TV Insider, “I was fully anticipating Hamilton to be arrogant and insensitive.” “That isn’t my impression at all. He’s excellent at his job, and so far, he appears to be a decent person being!”

Who Plays Dr. Hamilton?

The one and only Peter Gallagher plays Dr. Hamilton. The portrayal of Sandy Cohen on The O.C. will be remembered by the majority of TV viewers. He recently appeared on Grace and Frankie as Nick and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist as Mitch.

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