‘Double Shot At Love’ Preview: Vinny Comforts Abi As She…


Abi takes the plunge and opens up to Vinny in this EXCLUSIVE look at the Sept. 30 episode of ‘Double Shot At Love,’ but she’s quickly interrupted by another competitor.

Double Shot At Love Preview Vinny Comforts Abi As She Hellip

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On the Sept. 30 episode of Double Shot At Love, Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D take the ladies camping. Vinny is using the trip to get to know the women better, and Abi Memoli has a lot she wants to share with him. In the EXCLUSIVE peek above, Abi explains to Pauly and Nikki Hall, “I’m shy at first, but then I’m pretty loud once people know who I am.”

“I know he probably wants someone who is open and the polar opposite, so it makes me uncomfortable to tell him that I am the same way. It’s as though we’re too similar.”

Abi is urged by Pauly to tell Vinny the truth and how she is feeling, but she is nervous. In a confessional, she acknowledges, “This whole thing is out of my comfort zone.”

“I’m not used to being chased. So I’m going to try to attract Vinny by putting myself out there. I’m going to give him a better explanation.”

Double Shot At Love Preview Vinny Comforts Abi As She Hellip

Vinny chats with Abi on ‘Double Shot at Love.’

“If it seems like a million things are going on in my thoughts, I get pretty high anxiety,” Abi says Vinny during their one-on-one session. Vinny is sympathetic and attempts to help her through the situation. He reassure her, “You don’t seem strange.” “Getting it off your chest and sharing it can sometimes help.”

Abi is relieved after hearing Vinny’s words of consolation. In a confessional, she gushes, “Vinny’s a fantastic man.” “I’m not used to males paying attention to me the way Vinny does. I get the impression he gets where I’m coming from. We have a lot in common when it comes to being timid and apprehensive about putting ourselves out there.”

Double Shot At Love Preview Vinny Comforts Abi As She Hellip

Abi on season 3 of ‘Double Shot At Love.’

The chat goes on for a while more, but Vinny and Abi are soon interrupted by Jasmine “J.J.” Jones, who wants her own time with Vinny. This only adds to Abi’s anxiety. She grumbles, “F*** my life.” “I say something like, ‘Hi, I have anxiety,’ and he pulls away. So I’m a little irritated at this point. I told J.J. that if she wanted to pull him, she should wait five minutes so I could talk to him myself, but she didn’t respect me enough to do so.”

The fallout from this drama will be explored in the next episode of Double Shot at Love, which premieres on MTV on Thursday, September 30 at 9:00 p.m.

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