‘Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.’ Preview: Lahela Gets Frustrated After Going Viral…


In this EXCLUSIVE peek of ‘Doogie Kameloha, M.D.,’ Lahela wants a little bit of independence after saving a man’s life, but she’s unhappy when her parents seem to overlook her request.

Lahela acquired her driver’s license in between saving lives, and now she wants some independence. In this EXCLUSIVE peek of Doogie Kameloha, M.D., Steph encourages Lahela to ask for the keys to the car. Lahela has gone viral for saving Riptide’s chest, as Steph points out. She’s even a TikTok star!

Steph responds, “You’re like famous now.” “There’s no way your parents won’t hand up the keys to the car to you. They allowed Justin Bieber to purchase a home.”

Doogie Kame Loha M D Preview Lahela Gets Frustrated After Going Viral Hellip
Lahela saved a man’s life on the beach. (Disney+)

“And Bieber saved no lives,” Lahela adds. When Lahela enters the house, she notices her parents glued to the television, following her huge win on the local news. They appear to be quite impressed. Lahela summons the courage to inquire about the car. She tells them she’d like to meet Steph at Starbucks for a “post-save celebration.”

Clara misses the memo and offers to drive Lahela and Steph around. She wants to be a part of it! Lahela adds, “Actually, I was picturing it just being myself, Steph, and your car.”

Before Clara can respond to Lahela, their chat is interrupted by Kai, who has brought a lovely cookie cake that he has cooked. Kai receives compliments from Clara and Benny for his cookie cake-making abilities as well as a B+ on his midterm. In the thick of the cookie commotion, Lahela tries to cut through to obtain those keys.

Doogie Kame Loha M D Preview Lahela Gets Frustrated After Going Viral Hellip

Steph and Lahela are looking to get some freedom by getting their hands on the car. (Disney+)

Clara and Benny, on the other hand, are enthralled with the delectable cookie cake in front of them. Kai’s tasty diversion has rightly irritated Lahela. Lahela may be a doctor, but a freshly baked cookie cake is no match for her!

“Yearning for freedom, Lahela defies Clara and steals the family automobile without permission,” according to the official synopsis for the episode. On Disney+, new episodes of Doogie Kameloha, M.D. air on Wednesdays.

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