Dog mocks corgi’s squatty walk in hilarious viral video

Dog mocks corgi's squatty walk in hilarious viral video

He’s going to pug-story for this.

A Jack Russell-pug combine named Dustin had social media rolling after he apparently mocked his stumpy buddy’s walk in an uproarious clip.

The footage was first posted on Instagram in February of the final yr, however, resurfaced this week on Twitter — the place it has amassed nearly 10 million viral video views.

The clip, initially shared by Australian proprietor Ailish Ryan, depicts the mischievous pooch showing to mimic corgi pal Kayto’s trademark waddle by “army-crawling” behind him around the home.

At one level, the roly-poly corgi — a breed beloved by Queen Elizabeth — even barks at Dustin, seemingly offended by the impolite pantomime.

Needless to say, the canine short-shaming stunt had Twitter in stitches.

“Never ever seen one animal taking the piss out of another one, incredible,” marveled one commenter on the diminutive doggo’s roasting.

Another exclaimed, “The dog just showed mockery and sarcasm… And the Corgi was pained too. Nature is definitely evolving.”

However, others advised that Dustin’s so-called sendup was truly a try to pleasure himself by rubbing his nether areas on the rug.

It’s unknown whether or not canine has advanced to the purpose of the place they will execute satire.

However, canines have exhibited startlingly human behaviors earlier than, together with strolling upright and even remembering pointless occasions.

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