Diddy’s 80 Yr Old Mom BREAKS IG . . . Looks BETTER Than…

Diddy 039 S 80 Yr Old Mom Breaks Ig Looks Better Than

Diddy’s mom, Mama Combs, is beautiful . . .what’s more, she’s 80 years of age. Truth be told, she looks so great that pictures and video of the 8-year old almost broke the web.

Janice “Mom” Combs is on a family get-away with Diddy and her grandchildren in Italy, While in the boot country, Diddy’s three little girls are strolling the runway for an uncommon Dolce and Gabanna design show, MTO News affirmed.

During the show, Diddy;s mother and his babys mother Sarah Chapman snapped a picture together. Sarah is incredibly flawless. In any case, notwithstanding her incredible looks, Diddy’s mother shows up too have upstaged her in the video.



Janice Combs is most popular as the mother to the very rich person tycoon Sean “Diddy” Combs. In any case, before Diddy’s popularity, Janice she was known as a model. She was likewise the spouse of Melvin Earl Combs who was the Air Force official of the USA.

He was killed when Sean brushes he was three years of age. Janice never remarried after his passing. She had two children Diddy, and his sister Keisha Combs.

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