David Letterman Mourns His ‘Late Show’ Announcer Alan Kalter, 78…


Alan Kalter, the former announcer for David Letterman’s “Late Show,” has died at the age of 78. In the wake of his death, David issued a statement to pay tribute to his former colleague and friend.

Alan Kalter, with whom David Letterman worked on The Late Show for 20 years, died recently. Alan died in Stamford Hospital in Connecticut at the age of 78. His death was verified by his wife, Peggy Kalter, albeit the cause of death was not disclosed. Alan joined The Late Show in 1995 and worked as an announcer and comic until David’s departure in 2015.

In a statement, David said, “When our 15-year announcer Bill Wendell departed, producer Robert Morton came to my office with an audio CD containing tryouts for many announcers.” “Alan’s voice was the first and only one we heard.

He was always going to be our first option. Whatever else we had, we always had the best television announcer. He has a great voice and is eager to play a silly role. Isn’t it true that he can sing? Yes, he is capable. He performed everything with zeal. A terribly sad day, yet one filled with wonderful memories.

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Alan Kalter died at the age of 78.

Alan is a Hobart College graduate. He moved on to New York University and worked as a high school teacher on Long Island before starting a career in radio broadcasting. Alan went on to announce game shows such as To Tell The Truth and The $25,000 Pyramid.

David, who was appearing as a famous guest on the latter show, was the first person he encountered. In addition to his duties as the announcer, Alan joined David in comedic pieces during his stint on the Late Show.

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David Letterman worked with Alan Kalter for 20 years on ‘The Late Show.

Alan spent the most of his broadcasting career behind the scenes. All of that changed when he joined the Late Show. Alan told The New York Post in 2006, “I purposely avoided the camera for 25 years because I didn’t want to be identified.”

“I was dressed to kill my first day on set, and Dave had an Olympic diver on the show. ‘Alan, do you swim?’ he inquired. ‘And without giving me a chance to think about it, he said, ‘Come on down.’ I came down from the side of the platform, and he grabbed my wrist and led me outside to 53rd, where I marched up a ladder and dove into a Nike pool.’

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