David Crosby Trashes Ex-Bandmates Neil Young, Graham…

David Crosby 

Expect no reunion with David Crosby’s Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young bandmates anytime soon.

Crosby hasn’t been on speaking terms with Neil Young or Graham Nash in years, and statements he made in an interview with The Guardian published this week are likely to keep it that way.

“Probably the most self-centered, self-obsessed, selfish person I know,” he remarked of Young. He only thinks of Neil, and only Neil, and only Neil, and only Neil, and only Neil, and only He’ll only think about that individual. Ever!”

When asked if Crosby would agree, he replied, “Probably.” He has a good understanding of himself.”

Fans may have had the impression that Nash cared for Crosby when he was down on his luck and the two performed as a pair, but Crosby stated that was simply for show.

Crosby explained, “He gave the impression of caring after me, but obviously that was all just to keep the money pouring in.” “However, there you have it.”

Crosby claims he hasn’t spoken to Nash in several years.

“I’m not going to say anything to him. I’m not interested in speaking with him. Crosby stated, “I’m not happy with him at all.” “That’s all ancient history to me, man.”

It’s a shared sentiment. In a 2016 interview with FaceCulture, Nash stated that he was “not interested” in speaking with Crosby. “He can try all he wants, it’s a bit fucking late,” Nash remarked when asked what he would do if Crosby reached out to him.

Crosby “tore the heart” out of the band, according to Nash, and is “not a really wonderful person.”

Crosby has struggled with substance misuse for a long time, which led to a prison sentence in the 1980s, a slew of legal and financial problems, and years of health challenges, including a liver transplant.

He informed the Guardian that Stephen Stills was the only member of the CSNY with whom he was still in contact.

Crosby’s friendship with Young deteriorated in 2014 after he referred to Young’s then-girlfriend Daryl Hannah as “a absolutely venomous predator.” He apologized the following year, but it appears the two are still at odds.

Crosby told The Guardian, “Neil has a legitimate beef.” “OK, he’s free to be enraged at me. That’s perfectly fine.”

“From the guy I thought was my best friend to a guy who is obviously my enemy,” Crosby said of Nash.

The fresh words are likely to put an end to any remaining tiny prospects for forgiveness and reunion. Crosby, on the other hand, has been in the midst of one of his most productive times of his career, releasing a succession of critically acclaimed albums since 2014.

He sought to contact Byrds co-founder Roger McGuinn on social media about a reunion prior to the coronavirus shutdowns, only to be shot down there as well.

In 2019, a representative for McGuinn told Rolling Stone, ′′[David Crosby] is not hated.”

“However, that does not imply that no one wants to collaborate with him.”

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