Dave Roberts won’t close the door on Albert Pujols playing…


Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Dodgers has a chance to play in Wednesday’s National League Wild Card Game against his former team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

On Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers will meet the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Wild Card Game at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers won 106 games this season, but they are still in danger of being eliminated from the playoffs by the Cardinals, who finished with a record of 90-72.

There’s still a chance that St. Louis legend Albert Pujols may play for Los Angeles, as if the rivalry needed any more fuel.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Albert Pujols still an option off bench

On the final day of the MLB regular season, Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy was injured when Jace Peterson of the San Diego Padres ran directly through Muncy’s arm. Los Angeles will replace Muncy at first base and at the plate with Matt Beaty, not Albert Pujols.

Nonetheless, Albert has an opportunity to play against his previous squad in a high-stakes game.

#Dodgers Dave Roberts on starting Matt Beaty at 1B. Priority on defense in OF so Bellinger starts there. Beaty has been hot, will give good ABs. Like having Pujols off the bench for key pinch hit situation

— Bill Plunkett (@billplunkettocr) October 6, 2021

Before signing a 10-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels, Pujols played 11 seasons with the Cardinals. Albert is in his debut season with the Dodgers, who won the World Series in 2020.

St. Louis had a historic 17-game winning streak in September, which culminated in the Cardinals claiming a playoff berth in the National League Wild Card Game. The last time the organization won a World Series was in 2011, when Pujols was a member of the squad. It was Albert’s second championship with St. Louis, the previous coming in 2006.

Tonight against the Cardinals, Pujols might get a chance to pinch-hit. That’s exactly what this Wild Card game, which is a winner-take-all affair, requires.

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