Dangerous Items in Your Medicine Cabinet

Having a very stocked treatment cabinet would possibly seem like a very good suggestion to cope with winter colds and flu in addition to aches and pains. But specialists say the plethora of over-the-counter medicines which could be on the market for these sicknesses carry the hazard of likely dangerous negative effects. In actuality, opposed outcomes from medicines are a primary clarification for emergency room visits, says Sherry Torkos, an award-winning pharmacist and creator of “The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.”

Torkos tells Newsmax that some merchandise might be exhausting on the liver or kidneys and others might trigger bleeding in the stomach, a racing coronary heart, insomnia, and nervousness. Many OTC medicines are normally not safe or are normally not advisable for youthful children because of the risks that may outweigh their potential benefits.

To maintain your family members safe and healthful, take into consideration some pure therapies in your treatment cabinet makeover, Torkos says. “Many natural alternatives to OTC drugs can safely and effectively manage minor ailments for the whole family.”

Aches and pains. Whether it’s arthritis, sports activities actions accidents, or backache, many flips to OTC drugs resembling ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen for discount. These drugs might trigger extreme negative effects, resembling liver and kidney hurt, ringing in the ears, stomach bleeding, and rebound problems. Natural decisions for managing joint ache and irritation embrace curcumin, omega-3 fatty acids, and merchandise that embody NEM (pure eggshell membrane). For problems, try a few drops of lavender in your temples or a complement that accommodates butterbur, resembling Petadolex. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, the M.D. creator of “Real Cause, Real Cure,” says that Curamin and topical comfrey are moreover fantastic in treating ache. “Curamin, which contains a blend of anti-inflammatory compounds, is more effective than Celebrex.”

Muscle sprains. Keep ice packs in your freezer to produce discount for minor accidents. Apply the ice pack to the affected area; 10 minutes on adopted by 10 minutes off. Ice helps relieve ache and cut back swelling. Follow with a cream that accommodates arnica, which could assist improve therapeutically and cut back bruising, says Torkos.

Colds and flu. OTC drugs for managing indicators like congestion and runny nostril might trigger a wide range of negative effects resembling a racing coronary heart, insomnia, drowsiness, and upset stomach. Instead of reaching for an OTC treatment, try using a vaporizer with eucalyptus oil to help improve respiration. To clear congestion and mucus, try Similasan Cold & Mucus Relief; it accommodates gentle parts that help relieve indicators of sneezing, runny nostril, and head and chest congestion and is safe for these 2 years and older. Using a Neti pot or saline nasal drops or spray can also help hydrate the sinus passages and clear mucus. To help velocity therapeutic — and shorten the size of a viral an infection — try zinc lozenges or Sambucol black elderberry extract.

Cough and sore throat. Buckwheat honey would possibly assist calm a cough and soothe a sore throat, and it moreover accommodates antioxidants and nutritional vitamins that help velocity therapeutic. Buckwheat honey might be given to children ages 1 and older. You can also make a soothing tea with warm water, lemon, and honey.

Cuts and scrapes. Tea tree oil is an environment-friendly pure antiseptic with antibacterial and antiviral properties. Try it for minor cuts and pores and pores and skin irritations, Torkos advises. “You can use a drop or two of the oil or look for a product that contains tea tree oil, such as Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment,” she says.

Digestive issues. Gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation are widespread and distressing points, says Torkos. Probiotic dietary supplements would possibly assist digestion by bettering ranges of fantastic microorganisms in the gut. Probiotics moreover help improve nutrient absorption and help immune properly-being. Try Kyo-Dophilus probiotics, which might be regular at room temperature and could be discovered in every capsule and chewable tablets for teenagers. Soluble fiber dietary supplements can compensate for a shortage of dietary fiber and help every constipation and diarrhea. Look for Sunfiber, a clear, tasteless fiber that will merely be added to any fluid or recipe.

Dry eyes. When the furnace begins working, the air inside our homes, work, and school flip into drier and in flip may end up in dry eyes, burning, and irritation. To lubricate the eyes and relieve indicators of dry eyes, try Similasan Dry Eye Relief. It is free of harsh chemical compounds and secures to utilize day-after-day.

Dry pores and pores and skin and eczema. Colder outdoor local weather — combined with dry indoor air — might be harsh on the pores and pores and skin. To clean dry, itchy pores and pores and skin, add 2 cups of flooring colloidal oatmeal (not breakfast oatmeal) to a tub of warm water. Avoid scorching water because it would further dry and irritate pores and pores and skin. You may make your private colloidal oatmeal by grinding full oats in an espresso grinder. After bathing, apply a moisturizer with soothing and hydrating parts like vitamin E.

Insomnia. Most OTC sleep aids embody antihistamines, which make you drowsy and fall asleep — however, they’ll moreover set off dry eyes and mouth and next-day drowsiness. Instead, try a compliment that accommodates Suntheanine (L-theanine). This amino acid helps promote relaxation and improves sleep top quality without inflicting any drowsiness or dry mouth the next day. Melatonin may also be helpful for attending to sleep and supporting restful sleep. Dr. Teitelbaum swears by the Revitalizing Sleep Formula — a combo of six herbs that depart most individuals “sleeping like puppies and kittens with no hangover.”

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