Dame Dash Implies That Music Director Hype Williams…

Dame Dash Implies That Music Director Hype Williams

This month points the long term commemoration of notable pop star Aaliyah’s grievous passing, MTO News has learned.

On August 25, 2001, the stunning artist passed on in a plane accident in the Bahamas following the video go for her tune, “Cause trouble.”

Hip bounce investor Damon Dash, who was Aaliyah’s sweetheart at that point, uncovers new data concerning her demise, and it’s quite fascinating.


In a meeting with ET’s Kevin Frazier, Dame asserts that he advised Aaliyah not to travel to the Bahamas to shoot a video with chief Hype Williams since it was pointless. He additionally said she was suspicious of the little plane reserved for her movement and reluctant to utilize it.

Then, at that point Dame dropped a bomb.

He said that Lenny Kravitz sent a plane for Aaliyah, to securely return home from the Bahamas. However, as indicated by Dame, Hype Williams took Lenny’s stream for himself and sent Aaliyah on the other plane that smashed.

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