Cybersecurity boss ‘stabbed to death’ outside her home…

Cybersecurity boss ‘stabbed to death’ outside her home...

A HIGH-FLYING Cybersecurity executive was found stabbed to death outside her home by her adult son, according to authorities.

Andrew Beavers, 23, was arrested in Leesburg, Virginia on Saturday and charged with first- and second-degree murder. Beavers resided with his mother, Juanita Koilpillai, 58, at her home in Tracys Landing, Maryland.

Cybersecurity Boss Stabbed To Death Outside Her Home

Juanita Koilpillai, 58, was found dead on July 25 after being reported missing by her husband.

Cybersecurity Boss Stabbed To Death Outside Her Home

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Her son Andrew Beavers, 23, was arrested for her murder on Sunday

The Capital Gazette writes that Sri Lankan-born Koilpillai, who previously worked as a consultant for the US Securities and Exchange Commission, was first reported missing by her partner on July 25 when he discovered blood inside her home.

Her lifeless corpse was discovered outside after police checked the surrounding area.

Koilpillai’s automobile was discovered gone from the property in Leesburg, Virginia, where Beavers’ father resided and Koilpillai had another address.

Beavers was apprehended the next day by police, who found a fresh cut on his right hand that he couldn’t explain.


Meanwhile, Kolipalli died from several injuries caused by a sharp object, according to a medical examiner.

DNA from Beabers and Kolipillai was later discovered on a knife by forensic analysts.

Friends told the Gazette that Koilpillai, who founded multiple successful cybersecurity start-ups, had moved to a waterfront property on the Chesapeake Bay and was enjoying a new phase in her life with her lover.

Her friends described her as a master gardener, a fantastic chef, a charming hostess, and an exceptional IT expert who flew planes and created community films with her ex-husband.

Ron Martin, a personal friend and professor at Capitol Technology University, told the site, “I’ll say [she was] a certifiable genius.”

“We never understood how she managed to do it all.” Because her pals were friends that did everything as well, but we weren’t on her level.

“She was off the charts, embracing life to the fullest in every way.”


Kolipalli was born in Sri Lanka and raised in India, where she studied mathematics at the Women’s Christian College in Madras. She went on to the University of Kansas for her master’s degree in computer science and mathematics.

For 30 years, the 58-year-old worked in computer security and network administration, contributing to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

She also worked as a principal investigator for several Defense Department initiatives and was a member of FEMA’s enterprise security management team.

She co – founded Cyberwolf, sophisticated automated assault warning system utilized by the government, with her ex-husband.

According to the Gazette, the pair ultimately sold it to cybersecurity software behemoth Symantec.


Her best friend Connie Moore stated, “Growing a startup into a wonderful firm and then selling it to a bigger technology company was an incredible accomplishment.”

“However, to achieve it as a woman, as a person of color, speaks volumes about her perseverance, brilliance, business acumen, and technological expertise, and it was incredible.”

Moore continued, “Then she did it again.”

Koilpillai later developed and served as CEO of Waverley Labs, as well as a new high-tech cybersecurity start-up called “Resiliant,” for which she got a Homeland Security grant to commercialize the software.

“Her goal for Resilient… she kept saying, ‘We’ve got these cybersecurity challenges (like ransomware attacks); I still haven’t fixed them.’ Peter Zawadzki, a buddy, partner, and manager of Resilient, told the Gazette, “I’ve got something that can solve that.”


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