Cuomo’s feckless budget games

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is whining about state lawmakers’ budget fecklessness — as if he weren’t participating in his private reckless games.

The gov hints the Legislature is pushing to overspend, demanding for better than the $174 billion in outlays he’s proposing, even as a result of the projected shortfall throughout the state’s tax take merely grew by virtually one different billion.

As Cuomo groused Monday, “Math matters.” Yet he’s together with ineffective complexity by demanding that the budget resolve a bunch of non-financial points.

You may make some argument that it’s smart to include a regulation that makes the state’s 2 p.c cap on property tax hikes eternal, as a result of it’s a fiscal concern of sorts. But why do authorized justice reforms have to be part of the package deal deal? In actuality, lawmakers can end cash bail anytime sooner than the session ends in June.

The gov wishes public financing of state political campaigns now, too — nonetheless says it’s OK to find out solely later the place the money for it might come from. That’s an precise give consideration to budget-balancing for you.

Major elements of Cuomo’s budget plan are uncertain: He now admits legalizing marijuana (and taxing it) is unlikely to happen by the March 31 deadline. And his push for tolls to enter Manhattan (aka congestion pricing) is attempting iffy, too.

Those revenues would largely go to fund the MTA’s subsequent capital plan — which doesn’t begin for another yr. So there’s no clear rush there, each.

Yet Cuomo and the Legislature’s leaders now are talking about dashing by means of a pied-à-terre tax to help fund the capital plan. And on no account ideas that revenue from precise property taxes ought to enter the coffers of city, to not a state firm.

Here’s the kicker: Cuomo’s now warning of a late budget, regardless that the pay hike lawmakers obtained this yr requires them to go it in a “timely” methodology; he says they’re having a look at strategies to get spherical that.

Who desires authorized pointers, plans and pointers whenever you presumably can merely make all of it up as you go alongside?

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