Cuomo’s congestion-pricing secrets

Gov. Cuomo is pushing for his congestion-pricing plan to grow to be regulation in merely weeks, with passage of this yr’s funds — nevertheless he’s not ready to tell anyone lots about it.

That didn’t fly too correctly at this week’s Senate Transportation Committee MTA-oversight listening to. Lawmakers balked on the gov’s identify for them to OK tolls for Manhattan south of 60th Street in Manhattan with out understanding key particulars, similar to the toll portions, when and to whom they’d apply, and so forth.

The latest wrinkle: Cuomo wants these decisions made by a model new panel, which could moreover administration how the earnings will get spent — though he has however to specify how the panel’s six members might be chosen.

Funny: The gov has been complaining that the MTA’s board was set as a lot as stay away from political accountability for fare hikes — however now he wants an identical creation to stay away from accountability for “congestion” tolls.

Senators weren’t amused. “I think I would be very uncomfortable voting” for Cuomo’s plan with out understanding the specifics, and others “would be even more uncomfortable,” said Sen. Liz Krueger. “We need to know all of the details before we approve it,” added Sen. Robert Jackson. No kidding.

Cuomo’s failure to say who’d establish the panel’s members moreover irked. “No more secrets,” huffed Jackson. “I don’t trust the players involved.”

The listening to moreover launched testimony from these the plan would ding. “When is enough enough?” requested Glen Oaks Village Co-op President Robert Friedrich, noting that his neighborhood sits in a “transit desert” and might be hit onerous by a model new value on vehicles.

Oh, one completely different little bit of tales: The tolls wouldn’t actually kick in sooner than sometime in 2021 — which means they’re going to’t help with the shortfalls the MTA’s seeing correct now. What do the governor and the Legislature assume they should do about that?

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