Council OKs sublease of top floor of Denver Post building

City of Denver staff can shortly switch into the top floor of The Denver Post building downtown after the City Council approved the similar lease settlement it shot down solely a month prior to now.

The deal will allow the city to make use of the 11-story building’s top floor at a worth of $9.9 million over the virtually 10-year time interval of the sublease with DP Media Network LLC, the proprietor of The Denver Post.

The measure failed on a tie vote ultimate month, nevertheless, Councilwoman Jamie Torres, who was absent from that meeting, voted for the measure Monday, and two totally different councilwomen — Amanda Sandoval and Amanda Sawyer — switched their votes.

Council members Candi CdeBaca, Kevin Flynn, Chris Hinds, and Debbie Ortega remained in opposition to the measure, with CdeBaca calling the revote disingenuous and a flagrant disregard for the problems raised by council members.

But Councilwoman Kendra Black well-known that the quick second vote was obligatory because of this of the city could lose the sublease if the proprietor put the property once more within the market.

Some council members in direction of the measure moreover questioned whether or not or not it is the best use of metropolis money, saying it could go in direction of cheap housing or homeless shelters.

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