Costco Black Girl ‘Abuse’ Was A HOAX; Woman Arrested For…


On Friday, August 20, 2021, the web went wild with a story that a White family in Costco was abusing a Black embraced girl.

A lady named Angelica Marie Mendez, 21, video’d the family eating and asserted that the Black young lady revealed to her she was being “manhandled.”

Well police say that the entire thing was a fabrication, and have captured Angelica.

Angelica became a web sensation after she posted the video via online media, and it was seen by a huge number of individuals. Thousands called the police, and offered terrible expressions towards the family.

You might have seen this post.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department (Palm Desert Station) was reached, MTO News affirmed, and explored the claim that a female adolescent was a casualty of kid disregard and rape.

As per police, “These genuine claims put into high gear many staff-hours, by a few law requirement offices, in two separate states.”

Detainees LIVESTREAM Machete Fight, Kidnapping and Alleged Murder On IG Live!!

Police led 4 independent examinations identified with this episode, and each of the four of the free examinations finished up the claims were bogus.

Specialists told the media, including MTO News that, “It seems the detailing individual had apparently made up the charges and had no supporting proof to validate her cases. ”

Angelica’s assertions, police guarantee, made both to law implementation and freely had various irregularities.

In view of the terrible idea of the claims, there was critical public shock, the DA has chosen to arraign Angelica.

On Saturday, August 28, 2021, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department captured Angelica Marie Mendez, 21-years of age, from Desert Hot Springs for giving bogus data to a cop and intentionally recording a bogus police report.

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