Cornell West Marries His Longtime ARAB GF; Black Twitter…


College teacher Cornell West is at long last hitched, MTO News has affirmed. Cornell wedded his long-lasting sweetheart, an Arab political theory teacher named Annahita Mahdavi.

The couple reported their marriage on Twitter recently. It is the 6th marriage for Cornell and the second for Annahita.

Here are photos of the glad couple:

Lamentably not every person is glad for the love birds. MTO News discovered that a lot of individuals via web-based media are shooting Cornell for his new spouse.

The nonconformists on Black Twitter guarantee that Cornell has been investing an excessive amount of energy talking about the situation of Palestinians, Afghans, and different Arabs – and not the predicament of Black individuals all throughout the planet.

They guarantee further that Cornell’s presently more stressed over Arabs than he is about Blacks, in view of his new spouse.

Dark Twitter, notwithstanding, may not be the only ones worried about Cornell West’s new governmental issues. As indicated by him he was denied residency at Harvard University in view of his frankness on Palestine. He said, “Harvard declined to consider him for residency to some degree because of his blunt analysis of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.”

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Annahita Mahdavi moved from Iran in 1985 and lived in Turkey as an UN outcast until 1988 when she was conceded a residency for Sweden. Subsequent to remaining in Sweden for a very long time, she went to the United States in 1990, where she was conceded political haven in the United States too.

She accepted her Phd from Pepperdine University and the focal point of her examinations has been the strength of individuals notwithstanding outrages. Her exposition title is: “View of Acculturation Resiliency Factors of Iranian, Iraqi, and Afghan Refugees”. As a component of her Ph.D. Hands on work considers, she has been a piece of global examinations in Ireland, Belfast (2010) taking a gander at the high paces of self destruction, Peru, Lima (2014) taking a gander at the awful effect of destitution on the native populace.

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