Christine Chiu: 5 Things To Know Abut The ‘Bling Empire’…


‘Dancing With the Stars’ is getting a major makeover! During the show’s 30th season, Christine Chiu will be seen in the ballroom. Christine has five main characteristics, according to HL.

Christine Chiu, 33, is a member of season 30’s historic cast of Dancing With the Stars! During the September 20 premiere, the reality star, entrepreneur, and fashionista will make her DWTS debut. Christine was a breakout hit on Netflix’s Bling Empire, and now she’ll be competing on DWTS.

So, who is Christine Chiu, and where did she come from? As Season 30 begins, she is one to keep an eye on. Here’s all you need to know about Christine, from Bling Empire to her plastic surgery practice.

Christine Chiu 5 Things To Know Abut The Bling Empire Hellip
Christine Chiu is part of the season 30 cast. 

1. Christine rose to fame on ‘Bling Empire.’

When Bling Empire aired on Netflix in January 2021, it was a great hit. Christine and other wealthy Asian and Asian American celebrities in Los Angeles are the focus of the show. Christine is set to return for the second season of the show, which was announced in March of 2021.

2. She is a successful businesswoman.

According to her ABC bio, Christine is a co-owner and founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, the Regenerative Medicine Aesthetic Institute, and the SPA at BHPS. She is the clinic’s chief creative officer and designed it. In the non-invasive Spa at BHPS, she also secured branded partnerships.

3. She dislocated her rib ahead of the season 30 premiere.

She told ScreenRant, “I was a little too eager and ambitious.” “I was pushing for those insane stage movements that I’ve seen for so many years, and [my DWTS partner] was on board, but then my rib snapped.” In the season 30 premiere, she will still be performing. In the aftermath of her injuries, her partner re-choreographed their routine.

4. Christine is a collector of haute couture. 

Christine told Business Insider that she attempts to attend roughly 30 fashion shows per year. She frequently purchases something at each presentation. At the age of 26, she attended her first haute couture fashion show. She told the publication, “I was instantly transported to a period of maximum elegance and refinement and fell in love with these museum-worthy pieces of wearable art.”

Christine Chiu 5 Things To Know Abut The Bling Empire Hellip

Christine Chiu with her husband Gabriel. 

5. She is happily married.

Christine is married to Dr. Gabriel Chiu, who works on Bling Empire and at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery alongside his wife. Gabriel Chiu III, also known as Baby G, is their son. They split their time between Beverly Hills and Malibu.

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