Chloe Florence unleashes her daring new EP, ‘Ego Pleaser’


Listeners will be treated to adventurous beats and a haunting vocal tone on Chloe Florence’s new EP. Ego Pleaser explores themes of perfection, self-discovery, and identity, resulting in a powerful ego ready to take command.

The pop/R&B style of the Montreal, Canada native is so genuine and natural. This new EP features the same passionate emotion that fans have come to expect from the artist. “It follows this character’s journey that is largely based on me and begins with the song “Radio,” followed by “Insane,” “Bonnie No Clyde,” and now “Ego Pleaser” and “Scarlet Letter,” according to Florence.

The title track is about the desire to be flawless in others’ sight. That need can be so intense that you won’t even admit you’re having trouble. Her layered, rich vocals soar above lively, shimmering soundscapes to create a wonderfully compelling release.

The fast-paced production is perfect for the song since it portrays a sense of traveling quickly and not pausing to consider feelings that may be buried deep. “I’m so sick and tired of lying to myself simply to keep the outside world smiling.”

“Radio” is a moving song about a tumultuous relationship. It describes how you can get so enamored with someone that you are drawn back despite their poison. We are immediately drawn in by her passionate tone and evocative soundscapes.

The provocative offering concludes with “Bonnie No Clyde,” which shows an independent lady who thrives on her own. Florence’s vocals have a jazzy quality to them, reminiscent of artists from the 1940s. The smoky piece nicely symbolizes the strength of woman.

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