‘Chicago P.D.’s Marina Squerciati: Burgess Would Be ‘Torn’ Over Upton…


Marina Squerciati of ‘Chicago P.D.’ spoke with HL EXCLUSIVELY about a more “vulnerable” Kim, Ruzek, and Kim’s future, as well as how Kim would feel about what Hailey and Voight are withholding from her.

Kim Burgess was nearly killed at the end of Season 8 of Chicago P.D., but she managed to escape after being kidnapped and shot. While trying to defend Hank Voight, Hailey Upton killed Roy, the man who shot Burgess, in the midst of the race to save Burgess.

Even from Burgess, Hailey and Voight agreed to keep what happened with Roy a secret. Marina Squerciati explained how Burgess would respond to Hailey and Voight’s secret in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

Marina told HollywoodLife, “I think she’d be incredibly conflicted because she’s kind of a moral character in a way that maybe Voight or Ruzek’s character isn’t as much.” “They’re a lot more cowboy-y, so I’m not sure. I believe she’d feel relieved but also conflicted.”

Chicago P D S Marina Squerciati Burgess Would Be Torn Over Upton Hellip

Kim Burgess’s life was in jeopardy at the end of season 8.

When Burgess inquired about Roy’s whereabouts, Hailey lied, claiming that he was still on the loose. Marina stated, “I don’t believe she questions [it].” “I believe that will return, but not until the eighth or ninth episode of Season 9,” says the author. I believe she believes Roy is still out there and is willing to go to any length to bring him in. I don’t think she’ll stop until she learns he’s been arrested.”

Marina emphasized that she believes Burgess will require additional time to heal from his near-death experience. “I believe she requires more time than the males in her life are prepared to provide,” the actress stated. She’s also not dealing with the psychological trauma she’s been through.

Marina told HollywoodLife, “It’s almost unjust because I think Ruzek, Platt, and Voight are pushing her into something that I don’t think she’s ready for, but she might be if she was given some time to recover.” “I think diving in too soon makes her even more vulnerable, raw, and unsure of herself,” says the author.

Chicago P D S Marina Squerciati Burgess Would Be Torn Over Upton Hellip

Marina Squerciati in the September 29 episode.

Burgess, Marina conceded, is apprehensive about returning to work. She said, “She obviously understands she could get shot and leave Makayla alone, which is an added layer of dreadful.” Ruzek has been assisting Burgess and caring for Makayla while he has been in the hospital.

Ruzek is the one person Burgess will let know that she’s still struggling, Marina remarked. “I don’t think she wants anybody else to see her in this state except Adam,” says the narrator. She stated, “I think she’s okay with Ruzek seeing her that way, but not anyone else.”

“They’re so weird,” Marina replied when asked if Ruzek and Burgess may get back together in season 9. It’s always available. It’s on the table because they’re like best buddies. It will reappear. They require someone else to enter and say, “I’m interested in you,” so that the other person recalls how valuable the other is.” On NBC, Chicago P.D. airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

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