‘Chicago Med’ EPs: Will & Ethan Will Have To ‘Rebuild’…


Season 7 of ‘Chicago Med’ will be a season of transitions. EXCLUSIVELY with the show’s EPs, HL discussed the ramifications of Natalie and April’s departures, Ethan’s injury, and the new physicians.

On September 22, Chicago Med returns for season 7, and the new season will mark the beginning of a new chapter for the doctors and nurses.

The departures of April and Natalie will have a significant impact on Chicago Med, particularly on Will and Ethan. EPs Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov gave HollywoodLife the EXCLUSIVE scoop on what’s to come.

“Will and Ethan will try hard to reconstruct their lives,” Andrew stated, “but their absence is strongly felt by both men.” Will and Ethan both have a long way to go before they can return to normal. Will was dismissed in season 6 for assisting Natalie’s mother, although Natalie begged for him to be reinstated.

Chicago Med Eps Will Amp Ethan Will Have To Rebuild Hellip

Ethan will be recovering from his gunshot wound in season 7.

Andrew teased, “Goodwin permits Will to return, but forces him to do a task he vehemently opposes.” Ethan, who was shot in the chest by a former patient last season, will be dealing with “both the physical and emotional traumas of being shot,” according to Diane.

Is there a new romance on the horizon for Crockett now that Natalie is gone and her relationship with him is over? “From his relationship with Natalie, Crockett has become lot more grounded, and he is no longer the ‘player’ we first met,” Andrew said. “It’s safe to say that a significant romantic relationship is on the horizon.”

Chicago Med Eps Will Amp Ethan Will Have To Rebuild Hellip

New doctors will be joining the ‘Chicago Med’ crew in season 7.

Dr. Scott and Dr. Hammer, played by Guy Lockard and Kristin Hager, will be new doctors to the hospital in Season 7. What can we expect from these personalities, according to Diane?

“Dr. Hammer has suffered through a really traumatic childhood to get where she is today, and Dr. Scott is a former officer who still has significant ties to law enforcement (including CPD),” Diane told HollywoodLife.

“Will Halstead returns to Med to assist Goodwin with a covert investigation,” according to the season 7 opener synopsis. Archer and Charles have to deal with identical twins on the inside and out. A young child with sickle cell anemia is treated by Stevie and Dylan.” Season 7 of Chicago Med airs on NBC on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

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