Charles Seabrook’s “Wild Georgia”

I had my first encounter in years the other morning with a bobcat — and it was a tragic one. I was driving on U.S. 280 in Wilcox County near the county seat of Abbeville in South Georgia after I spied large animal lying alongside the freeway — an apparent freeway kills the sufferer.

I assumed it was a hog since that area is assumed for its wild hog inhabitants (Abbeville is the home of the Ocmulgee Wild Hog Festival in May). Curious, I rotated and went once more to get an extra in-depth have a look at the creature.

But as an alternative choice to a wild hog, it was a male bobcat that apparently had been struck by an automotive via the night. Although it was ineffective, it was the first bobcat I’ve seen throughout the wild in a number of years. Even these earlier sightings have been fleeting, not lasting various seconds.

It saddened me to see such phenomenal animal lying there, with its attribute fast “bobbed” tail, yellowish-brown observed fur and modern muscular physique. Although widespread in upland forests, swamps, and completely different habitats all via Georgia, the bobcat’s extreme shyness, solitude and reclusiveness, and the reality that it hunts and roams largely within the night, make it seldom seen. (Bobcats usually are detected within the night, though, by wildlife cameras.)

Good climbers and fierce hunters, bobcats can kill prey rather a lot higher than themselves, nonetheless usually eat rabbits, birds, mice, squirrels, and completely different smaller recreation.

Perhaps as a result of its elusiveness and being the one native wild cat nonetheless roaming wild in Georgia, the bobcat evokes awe and thriller amongst people. A very grown bobcat is also two to a couple of cases higher than the standard residence cat and weighs higher than 40 kilos.

Bobcats’ breeding season commences this month and runs by means of March, so the animals are also roaming higher than conventional via the next few months. About two months from now, the 12 months’ first bobcat litters — a imply of 2-3 kittens each — will most likely be born in dens in gap logs or rocky crevices.

IN THE SKY: From David Dundee, Tellus Science Museum astronomer: The moon will most likely be new by Friday. Venus is low throughout the west merely after darkish and items about two hours later. Mars is low throughout the east about two hours sooner than dawn. Jupiter is throughout the east an hour sooner than daybreak. Mercury and Saturn is not going to be merely seen correct now

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