Charles Seabrookj’s “Wild Georgia”

Charles Seabrook’s “Wild Georgia” column appears weekly in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

With the stock market plunging, colleges and firms closed sports activities actions positioned on sustaining, it might be laborious to look out pleasure amid the gloom of the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, spring is true right here. For me, it‘s robust to be gloomy when wildflowers are blooming, songbirds are singing, butterflies are flitting about and bees are buzzing — as they‘ve executed every spring since time immemorial.

My coronary heart gladdens after I come all through the beautiful white blooms of bloodroot, or hear the jaunty music of a Carolina wren, or watch a bumblebee sip nectar from a Virginia bluebell. They elevate my spirit and calm my ideas, and I can neglect — at least rapidly — the upheaval around me.

Maria ought to have felt one-factor comparable when she sang throughout the opening scene of “The Sound of Music”: “I go to the hills when my heart is lonely — I know I will hear, what I’ve heard before, my heart will be blessed with the sound of music, and I’ll sing once more.”

Harvard University researchers say straightforward stroll throughout the woods can also assist relieve nervousness, despair, and stress.

Other evaluation reveals that publicity to nature may contribute to your bodily wellbeing by decreasing blood pressure, coronary coronary heart cost, and muscle rigidity.

I faithfully adhere to well-being care pointers put forth to help forestall unfold of COVID-19 — frequent hand washing, avoiding crowds and so forth. But I will proceed to hunt solace and hope and pleasure throughout the open air, equal to in our state parks.

As of this writing earlier this week, the Georgia State Parks division talked about its parks are staying open. “With many Georgians avoiding crowds and canceling travel plans, parks provide nearby places to enjoy nature and solitude,” talked about the division. (Updates:

If all of those modifications, nonetheless, I am also left to connecting with nature solely in my yard and the woods behind my dwelling. But as long as well as they’ve birds, blooms, butterflies, and bees, I’ll in all probability be OK.

IN THE SKY: From David Dundee, Tellus Science Museum astronomer: The moon will in all probability be new on Monday night time time. Mercury might be very low throughout the east merely sooner than daybreak. Venus is low throughout the west merely after darkish and models about two hours later. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are low throughout the east about three hours sooner than dawn.

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