Can kids get ‘long COVID’ after coronavirus infections?

Can Kids Get ‘long Covid' After Coronavirus Infections?

Can kids get “long COVID” after coronavirus infections?

Yes, however studies show that they are less likely than adults to be impacted by symptoms that last a month or longer after infection.

The frequency of the symptoms known as protracted COVID-19 in children is unknown. According to a recent study released in the United Kingdom, roughly 4% of young children and teenagers exhibited symptoms more than a month after becoming infected. The most prevalent complaints were fatigue, headaches, and a loss of smell, which were all resolved within two months.

Coughing, chest pain, and brain fog are some of the additional long-term symptoms that can arise in children, even if the infection is moderate or there are no initial signs.

Some studies have revealed higher rates of persistent symptoms than the one conducted in the United Kingdom, however children are thought to be less impacted than adults. According to some estimates, about 30% of adult COVID-19 individuals suffer long-term symptoms.

The origin of the long-term symptoms is unknown to experts. It may represent organ damage induced by the initial infection in some circumstances. It could also be the outcome of the virus’s persisting inflammation in the body.

Following a coronavirus infection, children may develop other unusual complications, such as heart inflammation or a condition known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome. Fever and inflammation in various body areas are just a few of the probable symptoms. Most affected children require hospitalization, but the majority recover. Adults can also develop a similar disease.

Some clinicians are concerned that the rapid spread of the extremely contagious delta form will put an increased number of children at risk for lengthy COVID-19 and other disorders.

Following up with a clinician after a coronavirus infection is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics due to the possibility of long-term repercussions.

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