Camila Cabello Rocks Hot Pink Crop Top & Tight…


Camila Cabello was spotted in New York City enjoying the weather while wearing a stunning attire after promoting her new film “Cinderella.”

On Saturday, Camila Cabello, 24, stayed active in New York City! In a hot pink sleeveless crop top and matching bike shorts, the singer was caught riding a bike with a pal. Her dark hair was mostly up, with a few strands hanging down, and she accessorized with little hoop earrings and white sneakers.

Camila Cabello Rocks Hot Pink Crop Top Amp Tight Hellip
Camila Cabello riding her bike in NYC. 

The talented model, who appeared to be without makeup at the time, was also seen walking with a white hoodie tied around her waist. She was holding her phone and a book while conversing with her friend and smiling the whole time.

Camila Cabello Rocks Hot Pink Crop Top Amp Tight Hellip

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Camila Cabello walking in NYC with a friend.

Camila made news before her most recent NYC appearance when she arrived at JFK airport. She wore a bright pink long-sleeved crop top and matching slacks, as well as a black face mask, in another trendy and comfortable ensemble. As she walked outdoors, she completed her ensemble with black and white sneakers and her hair tied back.

Camila has been traveling from coast to coast in support of her new picture, Cinderella. She plays the titular character in the remake, which also stars Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, and James Corden. All four celebs recently had a good time playing a musical sketch outside in Los Angeles, and they left quite an impression on cars who happened to be passing by. During the memorable event, Camila wore a stunning pale pink princess-style dress.

Camila makes time for her boyfriend Shawn Mendes, 23, while she isn’t busy completing gigs for her great profession. The couple recently attended the premiere of Cinderella and looked stunning on the red carpet while posing for photos. He also posted a PDA-filled photo of them kissing on Instagram, along with a nice remark about how proud he was of her. Part of it read, “Such a lovely movie with a beautiful message te amo mi vida.”


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