California Woman Starts New Vending Machine Company Offering…

California Woman Starts New Vending Machine Company Offering...

Roomies, you ever needed some edge administration nonetheless the magnificence present retailer was closed? Chile, sis has bought right here though inside the clutch!

Maxine Pittman of Los Angeles, CA created “Tress Obsessed Vending Company” by the pandemic.

Exclusively chatting with #TSR, Maxine acknowledged that she wanted to find a technique to transform her magnificence enterprise and merchandising machines had been an ideal thought.
“During the pandemic, I already had an online beauty supply and was going to open a storefront but then COVID hit, and I had to think on my feet and I realize outside shopping as we knew it was over,” Maxine acknowledged.

Maxine moreover acknowledged that she was always targeted on merchandising machines, “I always was fascinated with vending machine cultures in countries like Japan and Europe but didn’t know what I wanted to sell,” she expressed.

Traveling allowed her to see there was a void that needed to be crammed. “I realized Black women and curly girls never have the hair and beauty products we need, when traveling and on the go.”

With merchandising machines all by California, six machines in 4 locations, along with buying malls and a stadium, what started in her apartment has grown and might proceed to extend!

We all know that we love our hair! It’s no secret that the Black hair care commerce generates billions of {{dollars}} yearly. According to Essence, Black hair commerce is worth an estimated $2.51 billion.

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