Britney Spears Feels ‘Stronger Than Ever’ After She Files Papers…


Britney Spears is feeling optimistic as she forges a new road to independence now that her father’s conservatorship and rule are coming to an end.

Britney Spears is about to embark on a new chapter in her life. On Friday, September 24, a source close to the pop princess told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she is feeling “stronger” now that she has filed papers to formally exit the conservatorship that has governed her financial and personal life for the past 13 years.

The news also comes on the heels of Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, filing paperwork to resign as Britney’s conservator on September 7, after years of defending the arrangement. “Britney is in better shape than she’s ever been. She’s making progress. The source told HollywoodLife, “She’s doing better than she’s ever done.”

Britney Spears Feels Stronger Than Ever After She Files Papers Hellip

Britney Spears has called father Jamie Spears’ conduct as her conservator “abusive.”

With the conservatorship potentially ending and her father gaining far-reaching power, the Grammy winner, 39, is making plans for her future, including with her five-year partner, actor Sam Asghari. Britney revealed her beautiful circle cut ring in a video she posted on Instagram on September 12th, announcing their engagement. The musician captioned the photo with, “I can’t f***ing believe it!!!!!!” and a shower of diamond ring emojis. The source said, “She’s already arranging the wedding.” “She’s wanted to do this for a long time. She didn’t have the freedom to do anything she pleased. In comparison to all she’s been through, she feels liberated.”

Despite the fact that a prenuptial agreement is in the works, the happy couple will have to postpone their wedding plans for the time being. Britney’s conservatorship could be jeopardized if she rushes to the altar, according to a family law professional, because her private life is not wholly under her control.

“Britney has been under close scrutiny for years, and her private life has been tightly restricted based on what has been revealed and reported,” said Sabrina Shaheen Cronin, JD, MBA, the founder and managing partner of The Cronin Law Firm. “Because the conservatorship is supposed to make choices in Britney’s best interests, it will likely be up to the court to decide whether the conservatorship is necessary and, if so, what the repercussions of the marriage will be.”

Britney Spears Feels Stronger Than Ever After She Files Papers Hellip

Britney Spears feeling “stronger than ever” as conservatorship possibly nears its end.

Britney Spears made international headlines on June 24 when she publicly outlined her opinions on the conservatorship in front of a judge for the first time, calling the 2008 arrangement “abusive” and that her father “should be in jail.”

The “Oops I Did It Again” singer requested that the conservatorship be lifted during the June hearing and that she not be subjected to any more psychiatric assessments. Britney Spears compared the conservatorship to “human trafficking” and “slavery” after admitting at a June hearing that she was forced to perform and tour against her will, even when she was sick.

However, given that her case is moving forward, the wait may be over soon. The source stated, “She feels far more liberated than she has in years.” “She feels as if some of her fantasies are coming true in some respects. She adores music and still aspires to be a musician.”

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