Brandi Rhodes Details Creating Whoa Baby! Wine While…

How Brandi Rhodes Launched Whoa Baby Wine While Pregnant

I’m in charge of everything! Brandi Rhodes, an AEW actor, released a new wine called Whoa Baby! on September 1st, which she created while pregnant with her first child.

“It was a challenge to do this because I was pregnant when we filmed it,” the athlete, 38, who gave birth to daughter Liberty with husband Cody Rhodes in June, told Us Weekly exclusively. “In my next television show, Rhodes to the Top, we actually cover how we did that,” says Rhodes.

How can a pregnant woman make wine when she can’t taste it? You might be able to, but I’m not convinced you can. So we had some difficulties figuring things out, but now that I’m able to partake and appreciate it, the end product was fantastic!”

The rosé is a collaboration between the WWE alum and Washington State’s Nocking Point Wines. Cody, 36, also collaborated with Nocking Points Wine in 2017 to make The American Dream and The American Nightmare wines, both of which were soon sold out.

“My husband has previously created wine,” the WAGS Atlanta alum continued, “which is actually interesting since he had no knowledge of the wine industry until he made a wine.”

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