Bradley Cooper Finally Says Something About Lady Gaga Dating…


Bradley Cooper Finally Says Something About Lady Gaga Dating Rumors And Her Hot Oscar Performance.

The actor and director discussed how his ‘A Star Is Born’ co-star helped him relax before their memorable Oscars performance.

Bradley Cooper finally spoke out about his passionate duet with Lady Gaga at the 91st Academy Awards, almost two years after the performance that sparked dating speculations between the two. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, November 17, Bradley revealed why the two looked to have such excellent chemistry during the 2019 award show.

After starring alongside Bradley in Bradley’s directorial debut A Star Is Born, the two took the stage at the Oscars for an outstanding performance of the film’s song “Shallow,” which got the internet buzzing! Fans were persuaded that the two actors (who played a couple in the film) had fallen in love for real and were rooting for them to get together because of their intimacy onstage.

Bradley revealed in the new interview that performing alongside an international popstar helped him relax for live singing, which he wasn’t known for before the film. “It improves my anxiety level just from a personal aspect,” he told THR.

He also mentioned that the intimacy of their performance was important in recapturing what made the song so powerful in the film. “In that scene in the movie, they kind of fall in love.” It’s that explosive moment that happens to them in front of thousands of people on a stage. … He remarked, “It would have been so strange if we were both on stools facing the crowd.”

Bradley Cooper Finally Says Something About Lady Gaga Dating

Bradley and Gaga wow-ed audiences in ‘A Star is Born.’

Bradley was still dating Irina Shayk, with whom he shares a daughter, at the time of the performance, but fans were still enamored with Gaga and the Silver Linings Playbook actor. Gaga has previously stated that the two do not share romantic sentiments. When asked about the romance allegations, she remarked that the two had “fool[ed] everyone” in a January 2020 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In a recent interview, she expressed similar sentiments to her co-star. “Of course, as a performer and actor, we wanted people to believe we were in love,” she says. And we wanted the Oscars to reflect that affection. “We wanted it to be seen via the lens of the camera and on every television in the world,” she explained. “It was staged to look like a performance.”

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