Boosie Holds “Boosie Bash” Concert In Louisiana As…

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Louisiana was hit with the primary portion of Hurricane Ida the previous evening, and the State lead representative had been requesting people to empty parts from Baton Rouge.

However, MTO News discovered that as opposed to clearing, a huge number of Black individuals were celebrating – at Boosie’s yearly Boosie Bash show.


The occasion was held in Baton Rouge at A.W. Mumford Stadium, on Saturday – and Boosie Badazz declined to dropping his “Boosie Bash” occasion notwithstanding reports that Hurricane Ida is relied upon to make landfall in Louisiana that evening.

The state’s lead representative, John Bel Edwards, as of late cautioned that the tempest is relied upon to arrive at Category 4 and be the most exceedingly terrible to hit the region since the 1850s.

“No cancelation. We still on,” Boosie said on Instagram in front of the occasion. “It’s a lovely day. Just conversed with Lil Baby just conversed with Da Baby, they’re getting on a fly. Boosie Bash is still on. You all better bring you all ass.”

Furthermore, fortunately it went off, and finished only minutes before Ida made landfall. Soon after the occasion finished, Ida’s breeze and rains started battering Louisiana. Starting final evening, Ida was a class 5 storm – the greatest to hit the State in 50 years.

Ideally the participants made it home safe . . .

Here’s video from the occasion – which looked lit.

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