Bobby Fishscale and Lil $o$o present a stunning new track


Bobby Fishscale and Lil $o$o team up on “Go Ooh,” a laid-back yet infectious single that oozes confidence with each syllable.

Bobby Fishscale is signed to Roc Nation, so it’s no surprise that he has a flawless flow on this latest track. Lil $o$o has a cold yet beautiful voice, a smooth lyrical delivery with a soothing strength, to the point that we feel like she’s singing a lullaby when she utters every syllable. Her ability to exude confidence while maintaining a calm demeanor is very remarkable.

Bobby Fishscale also performs with Lil $o$o, with a quieter flow than normal, cleverly allowing each phrase to glide through with excellent timing.

The production’s guitar strings, quick beats, and drums all contribute to the perfect backdrop. Play it loud and shine bright as we see these two Florida hip-hop superstars radiate both musically and visually through the gems in the video.

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