‘BIP’: Joe Proposes To Serena With Stunning Ring After Kendall…


Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt found happily ever after on ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ despite a major roadblock in their way. During the show’s Oct. 5 finale, he proposed to her on the beach.

Serena Pitt is carrying a little additional weight on her hand as she leaves Bachelor in Paradise! On Oct. 5, the stunning brunette accepted Joe Amabile’s proposal at the final rose ceremony of the show’s seventh season.

Despite a minor setback prior to the proposal, Joe eventually got down on one knee and proposed to Serena while presenting her with the stunning diamond ring. She, of course, agreed.

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Serena’s engagement ring from Joe.

Serena admitted to Joe that she used to be sceptical about love and doubted she’d ever find it — until she met Joe. She said, “You’ve always been so honest, understanding, and reassuring…” “I’m head over heels in love with you,” Serena exclaimed to Joe. Every day, I fall more in love with you.”

Joe was open about his ex, Kendall Long, turning up on the beach before he got down on one knee. Joe told Serena, “If anything, it only made me more sure in how much I really love you.” “I’m extremely into you,” he continued. Your grin, your allure, and your good looks. This entire situation. The accent from Toronto. It’s all about you, to be honest. It happened in a flash. “Faster than I expected…”

Joe didn’t hold back when it came to expressing his emotions. “That scares me when I think about it for a long time. He said, “And I think about you, I don’t know, it feels right…” He got down on one knee and proposed at that point. Joe told Serena, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Yes, she agreed! Serena’s Neil Lane ring featured a stunning circular diamond surrounded by more diamonds.

Joe and Serena’s love was put to the test in Paradise before they could get to happily ever after. Although they hit it off immediately away, Joe’s ex showed up on the beach and threw them for a loop. Kendall and Joe met on BIP and dated for more than two years before splitting up in January 2020. While he returned to the show in order to move on from Kendall and find new love, she had other ideas regarding her reunion with the grocery store owner.

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Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt at the BIP prom.

Kendall stated that she never achieved closure from her breakup with Joe and hoped that they may reconcile. He made it plain, though, that his current emphasis was on Serena. He told Kendall that, while he would always love her, he was ready to move on. She was devastated when she left the beach, but her absence allowed Joe to focus only on Serena, and their love flourished. They confessed to each other that they were falling in love and were inseparable for the next few weeks in Paradise.

Serena and Joe were ready to get engaged and start their romance in the real world after taking things to the next level in the fantasy suites. Kendall, on the other hand, opted to make one final appearance on the beach. Joe was preparing for the final rose ceremony, when he was going to propose to Serena, when she showed up to talk to him.

Kendall teased Joe by saying, “I’m probably not what you were expecting.” Kendall went on to say that she returned to the shore to totally release him. “I couldn’t be here on this beach without properly expressing my excitement for you and Serena,” she remarked.

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Joe Amabile and Kendall Long before their split.

“Obviously, I’ll always care about you,” Joe said. With us, nothing was a ruse. We didn’t break up because we weren’t in love at the time.” Kendall said that there would always be a part of her that adores Joe. That was the end of it. They hugged it out. Joe took a step back from the entire proposal setting before returning to propose to Serena.

Kendall has finally found closure, and Joe has found the woman of his dreams after some ups and downs. He and Serena won’t have to hide their love story from the world any longer now that the finale has aired! Best wishes to the happy couple.

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