‘BIP’: Brendan & Pieper Get Together & He Finally Admits…


On this week’s “Bachelor in Paradise,” Pieper James’ presence changed things up, as she and Brendan Morais embarked on a romantic night out amidst allegations they were dating before the show.

On the September 6 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Brendan Morais got caught in the between of two women. Pieper James arrived at the beach and immediately asked Brendan out on a date. This followed reports that Pieper and Brendan were already dating before the show aired.

Brendan claimed that he and Pieper had “hung out” a few times, but that nothing had happened since then. When he arrived in Paradise, he began dating Natasha Parker, who was clearly disturbed by Pieper’s arrival.

Natasha confessed, “She wanted to go on the date with Brendan and didn’t care to talk to anyone else.” “It’s just a little fishy, and it seems like everything I was afraid of may be true. Brendan needs to clarify a few points. Why would you begin a relationship with someone when you already have another person in your heart?”

Brendan took Natasha aside before leaving with Pieper to talk about the matter. He admitted, “I had no idea this was going to happen.” “I assume it’s just a coincidence. I suppose the whole point of our being here is to figure out who we are. Like you are aware, I have previously spent time with Pieper, and we share a particular bond, just as you and I do. It’s something I’d like to do to learn more about both.”

Bip Brendan Amp Pieper Get Together Amp He Finally Admits Hellip
Brendan Morais and Pieper James on their one-on-one date. 

Brendan tried to explain himself when Natasha asked why he was on the show at all if he already had a connection with Pieper. He remarked, “We’ve been out a couple times and talked a few times, but it’s been really casual.” “

This is an opportunity for us to conduct in-depth, significant discussions, similar to those we’ve already had in our little time here. You’ve always been really understanding, and we’ve enjoyed what we’ve had and the time we’ve spent together. It needs to be investigated [with Pieper], and how we navigate the rest of this will be determined by that.”

Natasha, needless to say, was not pleased. Brendan and Pieper left on their date, and she burst into tears. “I want to trust him, but I’m also wondering…was he just holding space for someone he really wanted to be with to come to the beach?” she questioned.

“The entire issue is an emotional roller coaster. Brendan, to be honest, has been the best part of this journey. I’ve made a concerted effort to be a patient and understanding person. I spent a lot of time making him feel at ease. It’ll be difficult if he doesn’t return and say he wants to continue working with us.”

Brendan and Pieper quickly discovered that they were on different pages when they arrived for their date. Pieper stated flatly that she came on the show for Brendan, therefore she was irritated when she learned that he was “downplaying” their previous relationship.

Pieper raged, “I don’t know why we’re acting like we’ve never met before.” “I don’t know what’s been going on or what he’s been telling people, but it was a developing relationship before we arrived. If I wasn’t confident it was anything, I don’t think I would have flown here.”

Bip Brendan Amp Pieper Get Together Amp He Finally Admits Hellip
Brendan Morais and Pieper James enjoying a date. 

Brendan eventually disclosed why he made his relationship with Pieper appear to be less than it was. “I can’t have a girlfriend accompanying me on this adventure.

He informed her, “That’s just not a good look.” “So if I say to everyone, ‘Pieper might be coming, don’t talk to me,’ I’m going to go home. So I was negotiating things in a way that would allow me to be here, hopefully, when you were here.”

That made Pieper very happy and relieved. With a smile, she responded, “That’s for playing the game.” They decided that they were officially dating at the end of the conversation, and Pieper even referred to Brendan as her boyfriend. He said, “I guess you know how I feel about you.

” “You’re aware of what we’ve discussed. I hope you can put your faith in me and what we’ve accomplished thus far. The optics may appear strange and awkward, no matter how you feel in particular instances, but trust me. We must always have each other’s backs. First and foremost, you and I must come first, before everyone else. That’s the only way we’re going to make it out of here alive.”

Natasha approached Pieper the next day to get her side of the event. Brendan had been her friend for two months, and she had been out with him 10 times, including immediately before he left for Paradise. Brendan had given a totally different picture of the relationship to Natasha before.

Natasha accused Pieper and Brendan of appearing on the show solely for the purpose of gaining television exposure, and she was enraged that they didn’t try to develop a relationship off-camera since they already had such a strong bond.

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