‘Below Deck Med’s Chief Stew Katie Flood Reveals Why She’s…


There’s always drama on the high seas, but Lexi Wilson is at the center this season on ‘Below Deck Med,’ and Chief Stew Katie Flood is chiming in!

This season on Below Deck Med, there are plenty of exciting events in the galley! Despite the fact that her Stew seems to be in the center of all of the controversy, Chief Stew Katie Flood, 29, has been quite polite to Lexi Wilson, 29.

“I did a good job!” Katie giggled as she revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife on Aug. 31 during an edition of TVTalk on Instagram Live before last week’s program. “I believe it was a difficult one. I’d never dealt with anything like what transpired this season. Lexi was going through a difficult period as well.”

Lexi has remained to herself this season, as fans of the program have observed, and has had difficulty establishing friends with anyone on the ship. Bosun Malia White, 31, has had her share of irritated moments, as has Captain Sandy Yawn, 56, who has mentored Katie on multiple occasions. She hasn’t even done her part when it comes to guests, as we witnessed in last week’s show when they needed aid in the morning.

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She also got into arguably the most heated exchange of the season so yet. Lexi was involved in a verbal confrontation with Deckhand Lloyd Spencer after drinking in the hot tub with her other crew members. Lloyd was in tears as a result of the altercation, forcing Katie to have yet another chat with her Second Stew at the time. Katie’s chat irritated Lexi to the point where she walked away and was demoted as a result.

However, what fans didn’t realize at the time was that Lexi was struggling with a lot in her personal life following the death of her father, which is a huge reason why Katie has been nicer than some might assume. Katie remarked, “We found out she lost her father.” “I’m a natural empathizer. That was difficult for me since I don’t like to beat people up when they’re down, but this girl can’t act like that.

Instead of being like, “OK sister, this isn’t all nice,” but also, “Are you OK?” it was a tremendous challenge for me to strike that balance. That is something I did say to her at one point. They didn’t show it, in my opinion.

“I want you to think about this, Lexi,” I told her at one point. If you believe this is the perfect place for you. I will support you through this, but I need you to be honest with me.” Your mental health is far more important than anything going on here, and I will assist you through it. It was unquestionably difficult.”

Despite the fact that Captain Sandy’s choice not to terminate Lexi has been questioned, she has found a solution by bringing in some help for Katie. While Katie was nervous at first, she is glad she went through with it because she wanted to make it clear that Lexi would not lose her job despite her mistakes. When Captain Sandy said, “OK, we’ve got this gal,” Katie admitted, “I clearly didn’t get on the bandwagon right away.”

“I wanted to think about it while we were on a charter because there isn’t a lot of time to digest anything, and my primary concern was that Lexie wouldn’t lose [it] again. I didn’t want her to act as she did that night again, and I didn’t know what to do. She became very silent, and she didn’t speak with any of us about where she was at, even if it was only to say that she was OK with what she was going through,” she stated.

“She didn’t say anything to any of us about it, so I was worried. “This is going to go one of two ways,” I said. She’ll either take this and be fine or she won’t,” and I wasn’t sure which version I’d get, so I was just trying to be honest with her. “Look, this is the situation,” I said. She said, “We have this girl.”

“Clearly, things are unraveling. Let’s get each of us our hands on it, but don’t think I’m taking your place,” since that wasn’t the case. It wasn’t like Lexie was fired and Delaney was hired. “Oh, this chick is here, let’s just try it,” I thought.

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