Bachelor’s Corinne Olympios, Boyfriend Vincent…

Bachelor's Corinne Olympios, Boyfriend Vincent...Bachelor's Corinne Olympios, Boyfriend Vincent...

It’s finished. Corinne Olympios and her boyfriend Vincent Fratantoni have broken up after less than two years together, according to Us Weekly.

“It’s been roughly two months since we split up. In an exclusive statement to Us on Thursday, September 2, the entrepreneur said, “I wish her nothing but the best.” “I don’t have anything unpleasant to say about her, and I don’t desire anything ill for her.”

Fratantoni and the former reality star, 29, appeared to have reconciled their differences. “We’re both heading in opposite directions. He explained, “I really hope she meets someone that works for her – it’s just not me.”

Following her breakup with Jon Yunger, Us reported in December 2019 that the season 21 Bachelor alum was dating Fratantoni. They moved in together two months later.

According to a source, the couple simply couldn’t agree on anything before calling it quits.

“It wasn’t meant to be. He’s a more reserved individual. She’s more outspoken and ideally suited for reality television, according to the insider. “When she was with him, she was calm, and he got to view her in a different light.”

The twosome have had “little communication since the breakup,” according to the source, with Olympios returning to Miami after moving “out of his house in Arizona” and “in the process of acquiring new property.”

The AuraSugarCo jewelry designer intimated on an edition of the “Help! I Suck at Dating” podcast shortly after going public with Fratantoni that she thought he could be The One, joking in January 2020 that she hoped she was “taken for good this time.” She explained how the couple’s romance blossomed after three years of “going back and forth” on social media.

“We tried to meet up a few times, but it didn’t work out. He emailed me the night before we were going on a date, saying, “You’re going to kill me.” When I first phoned him, I told him, “You are not canceling on me.”

When I first phoned him, I told him, “You are not canceling on me.” ‘No, I’m just kidding,’ he says. “We’re going on a date,” she remembered thinking. “Then we just started asking each other all these questions, and I thought to myself, ‘Wow, that’s a fantastic way to get everything out of the way before the date.’ So I wasn’t even nervous when I arrived at the date. It was fantastic.”

The Florida native was first introduced to reality TV viewers on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor in 2017. She later returned for the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise, but recently told Us that she believes the franchise has reached a stalemate.

While discussing Matt James’ season on Us’ “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast, she commented, “I’m a little over it post my experience.” “I had already seen it and enjoyed it. Also, keep in mind that it was still a genuine television show when I watched it. To me, it’s now just tacky and false… My season, I believe, was the tipping point. I believe I am to fault for everything.”

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