At the airport, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are very mature, holding…


At the airport, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are very mature, holding their own bags.

As Prince William and Kate Middleton unloaded suitcases from their car at the airport, the young royals charmingly assisted their mother and father.

Time flies, and Prince George and Princess Charlotte are growing up at a breakneck pace, as they assisted their parents at Heathrow Airport on Thursday, October 21. The 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as their younger brother Prince Louis, 3, were standing on the pavement at the airport entrance with their backpacks in tow, according to DailyMail.

As they arrived for their trip, the family appeared to be dressed comfortably but stylishly. George wore a blue polo shirt, shorts, and nike sneakers, while his sister wore a gray ensemble and carried her gleaming carry-on bag.

William, 39, was dressed casually with a blue pullover, navy slacks, and brown shoes. Kate, 39, wore a light blue dress with a patterned design, a gray face mask, and white shoes and looked stunning. Louis was off to the side, and the family was accompanied by their nanny, who assisted with the removal of a few things from their black Audi.

At The Airport Prince George And Princess Charlotte Are Very Mature Holding

The royals were all going on a trip, as Prince George and Princess Charlotte held their bags beside their parents.

George and Charlotte have gone on a number of outings with their parents in the past year, and they have looked like miniature copies of the royals. George had a fresh portrait photo done in July, in which he sat in a field wearing a blue polo with orange stripes. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a wonderful snapshot of Charlotte wearing a blue t-shirt and pink shorts while cuddling a beautiful butterfly in August.

Throughout the summer, George and Charlotte spent a lot of time with their parents, attending various events and celebrating various occasions with them. On Father’s Day, both the son and daughter accompanied William to a half marathon, and Charlotte resembled her mother! George and William also shared a touching father-son moment when attending England’s Euro 2020 final soccer match versus Italy. As the first goal was scored, George appeared to be having a great time, clapping along with his father.

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