Aristotle Athari: 5 Things To Know About ‘Silicon Valley’ Star…


Three new featured players were announced ahead of Season 47 of “Saturday Night Live.” Aristotle Athari was one of them. He’ll be joining Sarah Sherman and James Austin Johnson in the classic comedic cast.

On Saturday, October 2nd, Saturday Night Live will return for its 47th season! While many of the show’s fan-favorite cast members will return for another year of fun, Aristotle Athari, James Austin Johnson, and Sarah Sherman were introduced as three new comedic talents.

Aristotle has a lot of experience working in comedy in a variety of positions over the last ten years, so it’s great to see him join the cast of the famous program. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Aristotle.

Aristotle Athari 5 Things To Know About Silicon Valley Star Hellip

Aristotle Athari is one of three new cast members joining ‘SNL’ this season.

Aristotle Had A Recurring Role On ‘Silicon Valley’

While Aristotle has been in a lot of video clips, TV episodes, and films, his most well-known role is as Gabe on HBO’s Silicon Valley. In five episodes of the modern classic comedy, his character appeared. Gabe was Kumail Nanjiani’s Dinesh Chugtai’s hilarious foil! Aristotle also starred in the sketch program Goatface alongside future Patriot Act star Hasan Minhaj, in addition to Silicon Valley. In The Coop, he also portrayed the prominent role of Derrick.

He Does Stand-Up Comedy

Aristotle isn’t simply restricted to sketch comedy, as you might expect! He’s also done stand-up and even had the opportunity to tell jokes on Comedy Central, where he gave a great bit on his fear of his mother! He’s also appeared as a solo sketch performer at the famed Just For Laughs comedy festival, where he hilariously performed audience work as a computer-generated comedian.

He Hosts The ‘This Is Americans Live’ Podcast

In June 2021, Aristotle launched his podcast This Is Americans Live, which he co-hosts with fellow comedian Andy Harris! The show is broadcast on iHeartRadio and the Big Money Players podcast network, which is run by Will Ferrell. It appears to be a parody of the well-known podcast This American Life. “Join improv comedians Aristotle Athari and Andy Harris on This Is Americans Live, an improvised comedy podcast in the style of a particular public radio station’s favorite storytelling show. “Each week, presenter Ari, producer Andy, and a special guest contributor improvise fake real stories packed with fake real people, in three acts, using suggestions from a random sentence generator,” according to the show’s description.

He Got Married Right Before Getting ‘SNL’

Aristotle uploaded stunning photographs from his wedding on Instagram the same day he was named as a cast member for the forthcoming season of Saturday Night Live. In his post, he raved over his photographer wife, Maura Grace, and expressed his delight at being a part of the comic institution. “Today I get to commemorate the two most significant events in my life. I’ve been pinching myself a record amount of times since marrying the woman of my dreams [Maura Grace] and landing the job of my dreams [at SNL],” he tweeted.

He’s Worked Behind The Scenes Too

While Aristotle has made a reputation for himself through playing in a variety of roles and doing stand-up, he has also worked behind the camera on several occasions, according to his IMDb page. He’s also been a consulting producer for Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act and a director for Rosebud Baker’s (Whiskey Fists) and Drew Lynch’s comedy specials, in addition to innumerable video shorts (Concussed).

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