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They say you should never meet your heroes, but Archie Panjabi did — and he exceeded her “expectations.”

“There are a lot of great actors, but there are, in my opinion, very few actors that have the power to completely mesmerize when they’re on the screen. And I think [Christopher Plummer] was one of those actors that had that gift,” the actress, 49, exclusively told Us Weekly while promoting season 2 of Departure.

“When he spoke on screen, he was so enigmatic. You just wanted to listen to every word he said with that beautiful voice and twinkle in the eye. His diction was absolutely perfect. He just had a quality about him that was magnetic. And I think any role that you see in all the films that he’s done he just stands out.”

‘The Good Wife’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Panjabi costarred alongside Plummer in the mystery drama for two seasons. The series would be the Oscar winner’s final role before his death at age 91 in February.

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Archie Panjabi in ‘Departures.’

“As a costar, he’s a brilliant actor. He always gives you so much to work off. He had a great sense of humor. He’s very charming, very kind. He’s just a very, very special man. And I feel very honored to have worked with him. The Sound of Music was one of my first films as a child to watch that inspired me to become an actress.

And when I learned he was attached to [Departure] I was so excited. It was like a dream come true getting to work with him,” Panjabi told Us. “And at the end, I didn’t look at him as an actor. I just looked at him as Christopher. He was a beautiful soul.”

The Good Wife alum plays Kendra Malley in the Peacock trick series, a Transport Safety and Investigations Bureau agent who attempts to tackle the secret behind a train crash. Plummer played Kendra’s coach and previous TSIB ranking director Howard Lawson.

Plummer recorded his last scenes for the second season from his Connecticut home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The series kept in touch with him off for future seasons when, at a certain point, Howard disclosed to Kendra that he was experiencing a sickness that left him “near the end” in a moving telephone discussion.

Enabling Female TV Characters

“It was enthusiastic to do,” Panjabi clarified, noticing that her #1 scenes were consistently with Plummer. “Simply conveying that exchange was hard, however at that point having watched it since [his death] it’s been terrible and extremely amazing. What’s more, I think those discussions, when I initially began, every one of my scenes with Howard are on the telephone. [And I said,] ‘How are they going to be sufficient?’ But I think they [went] truly well and they offer a decent kind of break from the researching side of the show.”

Rewatching their last second onscreen together made her “destroy,” she added, “especially the way that they shot this is on the grounds that Kendra is before this control place, and it resembles a Gothic church and exceptionally serene.”

Panjabi and the late star likewise had a decent talk off set — particularly while advancing the show. “We just struck a bond from the very first moment, then, at that point kept in contact and just had a great time together.

It’s an immense misfortune. Yet, I do recollect that we squeezed together. … And I was so respected. A ton of staff need to do the press without anyone else,” she disclosed to Us. “I did around 20 meetings. What’s more, it’s very tiring when you do as such numerous and you truly need to give every columnist something invigorating and intriguing.

Toward the finish of each meeting, he would simply pivot and murmur something clever in my ear. He had a gleam in his demeanors and we are both wry and he’s exceptionally clever. He would consistently say something that would simply keep me chuckling.”

The Blindspot entertainer has regularly inclined toward logical jobs, playing in-house private examiner at Stern, Lockhart, Gardner for six seasons on The Good Wife. Panjabi thinks that it is fulfilling to depict a calling that “relatively few individuals think about.”

Television Reboots and Revivals

“These individuals surrender their whole lives to attempt to discover reality concerning why such huge sizes of catastrophe have occurred. Investigated by the press, have casualties’ families and families and the specialists continually pursuing them. It’s an unquestionably distressing position,” she advised Us of Kendra’s work. “So having the option to assume that part and give a gesture to that calling is an exceptionally compensating thing to do.”

Panjabi accepts that crowds will be “kept extremely engaged” as they watch Kendra take on one more case. “I think season 2 is great. It’s a great season and exciting. I think it’ll keep crowds speculating until the end,” she noted.

With respect to what character was behind the train wrecking? “I didn’t expect it when I was perusing [the script],” she prodded. “[The actor] played it splendidly.”

Takeoff additionally stars Jason O’Mara, Kris Holden-Ried, Karen LeBlanc, Donal Logue, Mark Rendall, Etienne Kellici, Kelly McCormack, Wendy Crewson, Charlie Carrick, Dion Johnstone, David Hewlett, Greg Bryk and Florence Ordesh. Panjabi uncovered that there have “totally” been discussions for a potential season 3 later on.

Every one of the six scenes of season 2 would now be able to be spilled on Peacock. For a selective sneak look, watch the video above!

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