Andrew Cuomo musical by Hank Morris headed to…


New York City’s next enormous off-Broadway creation is expecting your vote and an amazing spot on the Great White Way.

Hank Morris, 67, a political consultant who confessed back in 2010 for his association in an annuity misrepresentation pay-to-play embarrassment, is plotting his sweet (anecdotal) retribution on the one who arraigned him: Andrew Cuomo.

In his new melodic parody, “A Turtle on a Fence Post,” Morris is putting his complaints with Cuomo, 63, up front. The show was first imagined while the powerbroker was carrying out his prison punishment.

“The play depends on obvious occasions, yet it’s a fictionalized form of my excursion and what befell me and how it transformed me,” Morris clarified to Variety. “The chief adversary in the play is a harassing lead representative named Andrew Cuomo.”

Andrew Cuomo reported his abdication as New York’s lead representative on Aug. 10. Gabriel Barre is coordinating the creation, which will be arranged by Kenny Ingram. Morris wrote the book under his pseudonym, Prisoner #11RO731, which is an undeniable reference to his detainee number. The show will likewise highlight tunes by Austin Nuckols and verses by Lily Dwoskin.

Andrew Cuomo Musical By Hank Morris Headed To

Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation as New York’s governor on Aug. 10.

The title, “A Turtle on a Fence Post,” alludes to one of previous ’90s official terrible kid Bill Clinton’s #1 comments: “In the event that you see a turtle on a fence post, you realize it didn’t arrive without help from anyone else.”

Morris was conceded parole in 2013 after he served 13 days at Rikers. Following his jail stretch there, he went through two years, fourteen days, and two days in a state restorative office. While he initially needed to play out his play as an exclusive show, it has since developed into a seven-man stage melodic.

The story happens in a satire club just as a restorative foundation. It tells the story of the ascent and decrease of one of Manhattan’s generally incredible and heartless men. (Sound recognizable?) Morris accepts the show will take on an alternate tone in the current day as the prospective ex New York lead representative reported his acquiescence on Aug. 10 after proof was discovered that he physically annoyed ladies.

“Political insiders knew the story, yet the overall population will be more open to hearing my story and hearing what he’s able to do,” Morris disclosed to Hollywood exchange paper Variety.

“The show has a general message,” he proceeded. “To me, the message is life’s very acceptable regardless of the number of exciting bends in the road you experience, and you should make its best. You’re fortunate to be here. The subsequent message is that we as a whole make our own jails, and we’re simply the ones in particular who can liberate.”

Andrew Cuomo Musical By Hank Morris Headed To

Inmate turned playwright Hank Morris shown here in 2009.

“A Turtle on a Fence Post” will start sneak peaks Oct. 26 and open Nov. 14 at Theater 555, at 555 W. 42nd St., as per Playbill. The restricted 10-week commitment will go through Jan. 2, 2022.

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