America Ferrera ‘Deeply Concerned’ For Texas Abortion Law: Ban…


The star of ‘Ugly Betty’ appeared on ‘The View,’ where she discussed how Texas’ new abortion law could set a precedent for the rest of the country.

America Ferrera, 37, came on The View on Friday, September 10th, to discuss who will be affected by Texas’ new abortion ban. According to the Superstore actress, women of color will be among those who suffer the most as a result of the state’s new legislation.

America detailed how much more difficult it would be for Black and brown women to obtain adequate reproductive treatment.

On September 1, a new Texas legislation went into effect that established new abortion laws. It specifically prohibited abortions for women who are more than six weeks pregnant. Not only were celebrities and activists unhappy with Texas politicians, but also with the Supreme Court, which eventually allowed the law to pass.

Many considered the law’s passing as a danger to the Supreme Court’s historic Roe v. Wade ruling. When asked how she thinks about the law by guest co-host (and View alum) Star Jones, America responded she is “very disturbed, as we all should be.”

America has warned that the new Texas law could lead to similar legislation in other states. “What’s going on in Texas is setting a precedent and having an influence across the country,” she stated, before going into detail about who the law will affect the most. “Let’s just call it what it is: abortion availability is a race and economic issue.

If you are wealthy and white, you will almost certainly be able to obtain the medical care that you want. When we limit women’s rights and access to make reproductive health decisions, we are constraining Black and brown women, as well as impoverished women.”

When Joy Behar, the host of The View, said that rich women of color would probably still be able to get abortions, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress responded that the wage gap prohibits women of color from getting the right reproductive healthcare. She stated, “If you’re Black or Brown, you have fewer access to healthcare.”

“We’re not only discussing the heinous limits on a woman’s ability to control her own body. We’re talking about economic injustice here. We’re talking about the systemic oppression that keeps women of color in the same place as a lot of other people: poor and without options.”

Before the conversation shifted to the summit of America’s Poderistas, Star stated that the salary disparity was a critical issue that needed to be addressed. “It’s not like we pay women of color a decent income in the first place. So, regardless of what happens, you’ll start behind the eight ball, earning 30 cents less than a male. So, let’s begin there,” she added.

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