Aisha Tyler knows the best bars in NYC for a pub crawl or happy hour

Comedian and actress Aisha Tyler live in Los Angeles, nonetheless, calls herself a “New York commuter,” since she normally entails the metropolis for work. She wrapped filming the final season of CBS’ “Criminal Minds” earlier this 12 months, and when she’s not web internet hosting “Whose Line is it Anyway,” which started its new season in June, the 48-year-old is ingesting in the sights and tastes of New York City. Tyler tells The Post how she likes to spend her weekends.

New York is such a good bar metropolis. They’re all about curating an experience for the people who come in, about creating drinks which are likely to be distinctive. I consider they go hand-in-hand with good consuming. The bars that I like are bars which are likely to be further than merely a place to grab a glass of wine or cocktail.

Almost every time I’ll New York, I’ll the Dead Rabbit, which is in a pretty 200-year-old developing with very proficient staff. They have an unbelievable Sunday brunch with a real Irish breakfast — which Irish of us merely identify a fry-up. They have the best Irish espresso in the world. You actually really feel comparable to you’re transferring into a 19th-century bar whilst you go there. It’s all the technique at the bottom of Manhattan, so you should have this view of the Statue of Liberty, and Battery Park is so pretty . . .

In Brooklyn, I like Long Island Bar on Atlantic Avenue. They have a well-known bartender there, he invented the Cosmopolitan. People suppose it’s an outdated cocktail, nonetheless, it’s really solely a couple a few years outdated. It’s an old-school place in the kind of a reworked dinner with pretty little vinyl cubicles. [They serve] spinach dip and fried clams and stuff like that.

I do a lot of strolling and stumble into places, and the West Village is the best place for that. My really good buddy, Sam Rockwell, used to remain round the nook from Corner Bistro, and he and I used to always go there. It’s merely a cool little bar with good burgers and good pints.

I’m normally an evening time owl as soon as I’m in New York. I typically preserve in Chelsea or Soho, as a result of they’re good strolling neighborhoods and they also have good consuming locations. I’m moreover a Soho House member [and] love the new Soho House in DUMBO — it’s merely a particularly pretty space with a good view.

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